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    Senior Population

    According to the last National Census of Population and Housing in 2002, 8% of the population of the Dominican Republic is over 60.

    The right to social security is contained in Art. 8, section 17 of the Constitution of the Republic, which states the following: “The State will stimulate the progressive development of social security, so that all people can enjoy adequate protection against unemployment, illness, incapacity and old age”.

    In an attempt to protect this population group, in 1998, Law 352-98 on Protection of the Aging Person was passed.  On October 27, 2004, by Decree No. 1372-04, the Executive Power dictated the Rule of Application of Law 352-98 on August 15, 1996 on Protection of the Aging Person.

    Previously, in 2001, the Law 87-01 was approved and signed, which established the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS).

    Civil society organizations and governmental institutions share the work to benefit the aging.  Among the institutions with the highest participation are the Red por una Vejez Digna, the Dirección General de Protección a la Vejez of SESPAS and the Instituto de Dignidad Humana de la Policía Nacional.

    In the Dominican Republic, there are many older adults that live on remittances and the economic support of their families.  A minimal percentage are incorporated in productive life.

    On the aspect of health, social security in the Dominican Republic still is not applied to the necessary extent; neither is medication subsidy nor a program for trained caretakers that allow older adults to access health services and obtain specialized care.  The situation has made the elderly an unprotected and forgotten group.
    Source: United National Population Fund (UNFPA)

    The Aging and Social Security

    What is Social Security and what are its benefits?

    Social Security is the right of every person, independent of his social, economic or any other condition, to protection against the risks of disease, old age, incapacitation, unemployment due to older age, maternity and labor risks.
    It is universal, which signifies that it cannot exclude anyone from anything.  Social Security is consecrated in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, which served as a foundation for the creation of the United Nations in 1948, of which the Dominican Republic is a member.

    The essential difference between social insurance and social security is that social insurance is a labor right that only covers workers and, in the best of cases, their families.  That is, it excludes the population that is not connected to the world of salaried work.  Social security, however, is not just a labor right, but a human right, which encompasses all Dominicans and all residents of the country.  Consequently, the change from a social insurance to a social security system contributes to encouraging the equality of human beings in the opportunities for enjoying protection against disease, work accidents, and risks of old age and incapacity.

    Source: Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Social

    Extent of the Social Security law

    The Law 87-01 that establishes the Dominican System of Social Security (SDSS) specifies the infractions and corresponding sanctions for each of the three plans and which entity applies each.  For example, in book II “Plan for Old Age, Disability and Survival”, chapter IX is dedicated to “Infractions and Sanctions”.

    The legislation is founded on the principle of graduality, which proposes a progressive and constant development with the goal of protecting the entire population, through lending services of quality, convenience and satisfaction.  The law was approved by the Executive Power on May 9, 2001 and published in a national newspaper on August 1.  From that publication, the  application of the following periods went into effect, by population sector.


    Family Health Plan

    Old Age, Disability and Survival Plan

    Plan for Labor Risks

    CONTRIBUTIVE: Employers and Public and Private Workers and their dependents 

    15 Months (November 1, 2002)

    18 Months (February 1, 2003)

    15 Months (November 1, 2002)

    SUBSIDIED: Unemployed, Poor and Disabled and their dependents 

    18 Months (February 1, 2003)

    36 Months (August 1, 2004)

    Does not apply

    CONTRIBUTIVE/SUBSIDIED: Independent professionals, Employers and self-employed workers, urban and rural.

    24 Months (August 1, 2003)

    48 Months (August 1, 2005)

    Subject to a study on the technical and financial sustainability

    Due to the universal character of the new law of Social Security, all public and private employees and their dependent family members are protected by the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS), enjoying all the economic and social rights and loans that the plans offer.

    Source: Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Social

    Administrators of the Pension Funds of the Dominican Republic:

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