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    Women Visit the Museums in the Dominican Republic More Than Men
    Santo Domingo, May 17, 2016

    Monuments and historic sites in the Dominican Republic are visited frequently not only by tourists but by Dominican nationals, mostly women, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of the Museums on Wednesday, May 18.

    The Ministry of Culture, headed by singer and song writer José Antonio Rodríguez, released the data contained in the First Report of Results of the Dominican Republic’s Culture Satellite Account that has been recently created by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.

    This study indicates that more than half of the Dominican population visiting the museums of the Dominican Republic are women (55%), although the spending associated with attending these cultural spaces is done, almost exclusively, by men who represent 44.2% of the attendees.

    Another relevant fact released in the First Report of Results of the Culture Satellite Account, is that single people make up the majority of those who visit the museums, representing 47.4%; married people represent 24.2%, those in common law unions represents 13%; those who are separated represent 9.3%, and widows and widowers represent 1.9%.

    The document also that shows that, even though the majority of those who visit these cultural centers frequently are single, have a university education and on average their age is 45 years old or older, those with the highest level of consumption at the museums are visitors with a secondary education (82%) who are in a common law union, and those who are married.

    The latter population consumes 93% of the total amount spent in these cultural places, while the former consumes 82%.

    In addressing the issue of the academic level, the report emphasizes that college students are taking the lead as regular visitors (52.1%), followed by high school level (35.8%). Only 7.9% of the attending population is made of primary school students and 4.2% are post-graduates.

    The age range of the majority of those who visit the museums is 15-24 years old; also, people aged 45 and over have a significant attendance record with 27.9%. The majority of the adults prefer art exhibitions and events, as they have the time needed to attend them. To a lesser extent, but no less important, are those in the 25-34 years range, with 18.1%, and those that are 35-44 years old with 13.5%.

    In a press release from the Press Office of the Ministry of Culture, it is noted that an event that has served as a catalyst for increasing the number of visitors to the museums across the country has been the expansion of the "Long Night of the Museums," from one event per year to four, one during each season. The attractive program of this activity appeals to Dominicans and foreigners alike, and its ongoing and uninterrupted availability has made significant contributions to the promotion of the national museum heritage.

    The first results of the Culture Satellite Account will allow visualizing the contributions of culture to the Dominican economy.

    The Satellite Account was recently presented by the Ministry of Culture and the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic during a ceremony that was presided by Minister José Antonio Rodríguez, and the Governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu.

    It was implemented according to the recommendations contained in the manual of the 2008 National Accounts System, the 2009 UNESCO’s Framework for Cultural Statistics, and the Convenio Andrés Bello Methodological Guide for the Implementation of Culture Satellite Accounts in Ibero-America. It has received technical assistance from national and international consultants with expertise in this field.

    This Wednesday, on the occasion of celebrating the International Day of the Museums, the Ministry of Culture has decided that admission to the monuments located in the Colonial City will be free of charge. They will be open from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm and they will provide guided tours and recreation with historical characters. The historical sites that will be open are the Alcázar de Colón, Casas Reales, Casa de Tostado, the Santo Domingo Fort, the Museum of the Dominican Man, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Heroes of the Restoration in Santiago de los Caballeros.

    Also, the temporary exhibition of "The Long Night of the Museums" will be open in the lobby of the cultural center. The content will focus on highlighting each of the editions of this event that have been presented.

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