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    Fernando Villalona to Reflect on His Life, Music at New York Dominican Get Together

    BIJRD Presents Awards for Recycling Contest
    Santo Domingo, May 10, 2016

    The Dominican Republic Children and Youth Library (BIJRD) celebrated its seventh anniversary with a ceremony headed by the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeño. The award for the Third Botellas Literarias Contest 2016, an initiative that seeks to build a culture of recycling through reading in the country, was presented during the ceremony.

    This event, which encompasses reading and recycling, offers the possibility of creating, innovating and exercising the imagination through the design of works of art that are inspired in literature.

    During the ceremony, the Vice President highlighted the importance of recycling as an important tool for caring for the planet. In her opinion, promoting recycling, as well as art and literature in the country, helps build a better society.

    "We have turned recycling into an art to share progress, creativity and knowledge; and we have achieved it doing what we like most: promoting reading and knowledge in you, the young people, who are the present and the future of our country," she said.

    She stated that, in an attempt to continue fostering a culture of recycling, the BIJRD will soon open a new hall that will be called "Sala Verde" (Green Hall) or "Sala del Medioambiente" (Hall of the Environment) to nurture caring for the planet.

    "We want to enable all our visitors to solve worrisome social problems, such as the deterioration of our planet Earth," she said. The initiative is being sponsored by Bepensa Dominicana and Coca Cola, and it is aimed at third and fourth year high school students of public and private schools.

    In this regard, John Amell Llibre, Bepensa’s director of Public Affairs, noted that the contest is a step further in the proper management of solid waste and recycling.

    "If reading, caring for the environment and recycling become a practice, we will live in a healthier and more sustainable world," he said. The contest was formally opened to all schools last February, and 112 high school classes and 6,309 students participated in it.

    The student class that won first place was the third year high school class of Centro Educativo Yoma, whose entry was based on the poem "Busco un hombre," by Carmen Sánchez; the second place went to the fourth year high school class of Centro Educativo Duarte, which was inspired by the poem "Barbie," by Soledad Álvarez; the third year high school class of the Purísima Concepcion school, who also chose the poem "Barbie," won third place. The first three places received RD$100,000, RD$75,000 and RD$50,000, respectively.

    Special mentions were presented to the students of the Ulises Francisco Espaillat school, with the play "Así fue," by Nélida García; the Centro de Excelencia Luis Encarnación Nolasco, with the poem "La guapa," by Marianela Medrano; the Liceo Santiago Hirujo Sosa, with the poem "Busco un hombre," by Carmen Sánchez; and, the Saint George School, with the poem "Somos tú y yo nada más," by Rosa Silverio.

    The jury was made of plastic artist and urban architect Marcelo Ferder; philosopher and the winner of the 21st DR Biennial of Visual Arts, Dustin Muñoz; and designer and artist Kilia Llano. The jury considered creativity and originality in the use of materials, aesthetics and composition of the artwork and the relationship between the literary texts and the art pieces.

    Vice President Margarita Cedeño was also accompanied by the director of the Dominican Republic Children and Youth Library (BIJRD), Dulce Elvira de los Santos. The award took place during a ceremony that was held at the front of the BIJRD, and it featured singer and song-writer Pavel Núñez’s musical participation. After the award ceremony, the invited officials, students, youth and users of the cultural center, toured the Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández’s exhibition hall where the participating works are being showed.

    About the BIJRD The BIJRD is one of the Dominican institutions that support education; it is a cultural center where the love for books, culture, learning and research at an early age are nurtured.

    Since its renovation and expansion in 2009 by Dr. Margarita Cedeño, Vice President of the Republic, it has undertaken the task of fostering reading and writing from a variety of perspectives.

    During the past seven years, it has launched innovative initiatives aimed at children and young people with the purpose of bringing them closer to literature and bridging the digital divide by bringing them closer to technology and science.

    The library has become the main public cultural center that is favored by Dominican families. Among the achievements of its interesting cultural and educational proposals during the last seven years, 662,415 visitors have immersed themselves in the world of culture.

    The BIJRD has filled each of its service areas with educational activities, has renewed itself on a permanent basis and brought its resources to the family. Early childhood education is one of its key priority areas, which is why the baby story-telling afternoons and the story-telling hours have been implemented. These activities seek to foster the development of speech by stimulating the organs involved in pronunciation. This is in addition to developing the aesthetic taste and imagination in children.

    Workshops on theater, dance and music, as well as reading clubs, chess, computer science, robotics, mathematics, languages, qi gong, painting, Kamishibai and film take place in the BIJRD facilities. They are offered free of charge year round. Its intense program of activities also includes forums, exhibitions, and literary workshops, art performances, reading clubs, book releases and literary conferences.

    During these seven years, there have been 19 literary competitions involving reading, writing, moviemaking, and recycling. Among them are: "Duarte, un joven como tú," "Botellas Literarias," and "Olimpíadas de Lectura" dedicated to Professor Juan Bosch; and, "Batalla de los Cuentos," "Te regalo un sueño," and "Deletreo," which managed to connect 16,520 children and youth with the library.

    Get-togethers with writers are some of the other leading activities organized to inspire and entice readers through the exchange of experiences with leading authors and personalities of Dominican society. Up to date, 232 national and international figures have participated in these events.

    Pursuant its commitment as a library that is accessible to all, since its inception, it was conceived as a space that includes people with disabilities. Thus, we provide the necessary resources for the visually impaired, for seniors and for people with diminished capacities.

    Today, the library has more than 20,000 books distributed among all of its halls; it also provides free access to Internet and permanent technology training for children, youth and adults.

    Looking for new readers
    This year, the BIJRD is immersed in a process of providing identity cards of its users, because it will soon incorporate the loans module to the institution’s management system. This way, users will be able to take home knowledge and entertainment through books.


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