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    Colegio Luis Muñoz Rivera Celebrates Scientific Fair 2015
Environment Ministry and Central Bank Promote Environmental Projects in Upper Basin of Ozama River

    “Ossaye Casa de Arte” a New Cultural Proposal
    Santo Domingo, May 5 2015

    The Colegio Luis Muñoz Rivera Scientific-Cultural Fair is a complex event that begins at the start of the school year. All curricular areas participate around a central theme to promote the comprehensive learning of the students by performing works that meet the requirements of scientific research, and which culminate with the public presentation of the results by the students of early childhood education, and those of primary and high school..

    On this occasion the theme was El Agua en tus Manos” (The Water in Your Hands), and its main objective was to promote the students’ appreciation and greater responsibility in the management and use of water, an essential resource for life.

    The Scientific-Cultural Fair was dedicated to the founders of the School Luis Muñoz Rivera, Dr. Félix Rodríguez Quiñones and Mrs. Elvira Medina de Rodríguez. There was a competition for painting the founders’ portraits, which took place under the guidance of Viviana Collado, Professor of Plastic Arts. The winners were: Jean Manuel Pérez, 3rd. Grade of Primary School, with a very successful pencil sketch of Mr. Rodríguez, and María Lucía Miller, 3rd. Year of High School, who also produced a high quality portrait of Mrs. Rodríguez.

    The opening ceremony took was held in the framework of an artistic presentation developed by the students of the Performing Arts, Choir and Dance, under the leadership of Juan Núñez, Melvin Barrientos and Mariel Reyes, who teach those subjects, and with the enthusiastic presence of parents, family and other guests. A team from the Protocol office guided the guests through the various galleries where the students showcased their projects, demonstrating their mastery of knowledge, tools and skills that are essential to their training.

    It is important to note that this event had the full support of the parents and guardians of the students who, through the Association, demonstrated once again that, when the home and the school work together, it is possible to enforce the institution’s slogan, which reads: Hacia la Cumbre! (Toward the Summit!)

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    The 6th Grade of Primary School presented the subject Purificación del Agua, el Sistema de Osmosis para el Tratamiento del Agua potable. (Water Purification, Osmosis System for the Treatment of Drinking Water). From left to right: Rafael Morales, Rafael Desimone, Lía Núñez and Natalie Dorrejo.

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    Winner of the 1st Place in the Portrait Painting Competition Dr. Félix Rodríguez Jean Manuel Pérez, 3rd. Grade Primary School, and Marisol Romano, Academic Director.

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    Winner of the 1st Place in the Portrait Painting Competition Mrs. Elvira M. de Rodríguez María Lucía Miller, de 3rd. Year Secondary School, and Marisol Romano, Academic Director.

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    Artistic presentation on the theme of the fair “El Agua en tus Manos” (The Water in Your Hands), by the students of the theater and dance group. From left to right: Sylvia Valenzuela, Gabriela Betances, Fernando Tolentino, Daniel Pichardo, Rafael Desimone, Giselle Ramírez and Scarlet Reyes

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    The 1st. Year of Secondary School presented the subject Grandes Civilizaciones a Orillas de los Ríos (Great Civilizations on the River Banks) From left to right: María Eugenia González and Valeria Hernández

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    The 8th Grade presented Presa de Hatillo (The Hatillo Dam) as part of the subject Recursos Hídricos en R.D. (Water Resources in the D.R.) From left to right: Ana Paula Arismendy, Karla Cabrera, Karla Díaz, Nicole Munné, Fernando Jimémez, Frank Díaz, Liliana Pumarol, Juan Enrique Veras and Adelle Rueckschnat

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    – The 3rd. Year of Secondary School presented the subject La Importancia del Agua en la Agricultura y Las Instituciones que trabajan con el Agua INDRHI, INAPA, CAASD… (The Importance of Water in Agriculture and the Institutions that Work with Water INDRHI, INAPA, CAASD...) From left to right: Daniel Villanueva, María José Reyes and Ashley Morillo

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