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    The Schedule of the Puerto Plata 2014 Festivities in Honor of Saint Philip Apostle is Released
    The Schedule of the Puerto Plata 2014 Festivities in Honor of Saint Philip Apostle is Released

    The Schedule of the Puerto Plata 2014 Festivities in Honor of Saint Philip Apostle is Released
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 04/23/2014

    The Diocese of Puerto Plata and the organizing committee of the 2014 Festivities in Honor of St. Philip Apostle announced the celebration of the traditional festival in honor of the patron saint of this city, which will run from April 25th to May 3rd.

    During a press conference this Tuesday in the Diocese of Puerto Plata, it was reported that this year there will be an extensive and varied program of activities aimed at promoting the religious, artistic and cultural values ​​of the province. The purpose of the event is that the entire municipality enjoys this religious tradition, dedicated to the patron saint of the town, St. Philip the Apostle.

    The event organizers announced that after the Masses that will be held every day at 6:30 pm at the St. Philip Cathedral, there will be a number of activities and attractions throughout the city that have been designed for the enjoyment of the entire family.
    The festivities will begin this coming Friday with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Julio César Corniel Amaro, Bishop of the provincial Diocese. Later on, the coronation of the Queen of the festivities will take place, followed by a parade of the Queen and her entourage toward the Independence Square, where that same evening tenor Pedro Pablo Reyes, accompanied by maestro Tito Delgado, will perform. Renowned singer Maridalia Hernández will be in charge of the closing of the opening night.

    On Saturday, April 26th, a cocktail will be offered at the opening of an art exhibit at Casa de la Cultura, as a tribute to Luisa Catalina Bordas, together with a group exhibition by painters from Puerto Plata. The musical attractions of the evening will be provided by the Dominican Wind Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Andrés Vidal. Dominican renowned musician and composer Víctor Víctor and the Lifestyle Tropical Magazine, will also perform.

    On Sunday, April 27th, starting at 3:00 pm, the afternoon will be dedicated to children, with children’s characters, clowns, mimes, games and a presentation by the Renewal Cultural Society on a story contest. At 6:30 pm Father Edward Gilbert, Vicar of the Cathedral, will officiate a Mass, while at eight o’clock in the evening, there will be a concert by the Alfareros Group in the Independence Square.
    The event organizers have reported that the attractions on Monday, April 28th, will include the Sosúa Municipal Choir; and Guarionex Aquino and Joel Guzmán will perform the "Caribbean Jazz" concert. Samuel González will be in charge of the closing events of the night.

    On Tuesday, April 29th, there will be a Folkloric Evening devoted to the celebration of the International Day of Dance, with performances by the folkloric ballet of the Ministry of Tourism; Samuel Álvarez and his band; and merengue singer Kinito Méndez and his orchestra. A show of Taimáscaros will close the evening’s activities.
    On Wednesday, April 30th, a Puerto Plata Evening has been scheduled as a tribute to Juan Lockward, with the participation of soprano Pura Tyson, saxophonist Sandy Gabriel and the POP Jazz Ensemble, accompanied by a Performance demonstration by artist Adolfo Faringthon.

    On Thursday, May 1st, the agenda will begin with a Mass officiated by S.E.R. Thadeus Judde Okolo, Apostolic Nuncio of His Holiness, and a concert. At 7:45 pm there will be a cocktail at the Camilo Brugal Casa de Arte to open the photo exhibition "Retrata de Corazón lo Mejor de Puerto Plata", sponsored by Centro Cuesta Nacional, while the artistic presentations will begin at 8:30 pm in the Independence Square.

    The activities scheduled for Friday, May 2nd, include a Victorian Night with a concert performance by singer Adalgisa Pantaleón, who will be accompanied by the Rafelito Mirabal Orchestra. The activities on Saturday, May 3rd, will begin at nine in the morning with a solemn Mass in honor of St. Philip the Apostle, presided over by Bishop Julio César Corniel Amaro. At 10:15 am the manifesto will be read in the Square of the Cathedral by Dr. José Natalio Redondo, who will be introduced by Dr. Arnaldo Gómez.

    Then, at 10:30 am, there will be a procession with the patron saint St. Philip, the Queen of the festivities and her entourage, along with civilian and military authorities, students and members of the community. At 6:30 pm, there will be a Mass, and starting at 8:00 pm there will be a gala concert at the Cathedral of St. Philip the Apostle.

    The festivities will end with a concert by Orquesta Popular, which will start at 10:15 pm.

    The organizing committee of the 2014 Festivities consists of: Elvis Peralta Cooper, Ángela Correa de Peralta, Manuel Durán, Gisela Padovani de Durán, María Amelia Finke, Ko González, María Isabel Cáceres de Silverio, Father Edward Gilbert, Lillian Russo de Cueto y Sarah García de Casson.


    The Schedule of the Puerto Plata 2014 Festivities in Honor of Saint Philip Apostle is Released  The Schedule of the Puerto Plata 2014 Festivities in Honor of Saint Philip Apostle is Released  >

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