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    Zone VII

    Defined by Decree #1889 on July 30, 1980, this zone comprises the mountainous territory of Jarabacoa and Constanza, in the province on La Vega, Cibao Region, which is known for the fertility of its soil.

     Jarabacoa, whose name comes from the indigenous Taino word that means “place of many waters”, offers hikers the certainty of its designation with every step they take. Located about 500 meters above sea level, and with a population of about 54,981, Jarabacoa is called “the city of eternal spring”. Its area is about 691 Km2 and its average temperature is 22o C year around. Its climate nourishes the cultivation of strawberries, apples, flowers and vegetables.

     Constanza is a wonderful tropical place. It is characterized by the cultivation of potatoes, ornamental flowers for export and, vegetation similar to the one in the European Alps around the national park “Valle Nuevo” (New Valley). This land is the highest plateau in the Antilles, 2,200 meters above sea level. It is considered a scientific reserve, being the object of study for national and foreign technicians.

    The city of Constanza is located in the center of the island about 1,200 meters above sea level. It has a population of 53,079 and an area of 842 Km2.  With pride, Constanza shows its visitors the highest waterfall in the Antilles, “Agua Blanca” (White Water), which is named after the color of the water as it falls through the rocky mountain that frames the cascade.

     In this paradisiacal place, the tourist finds more than what they might be looking for in the mountains.  It offers a number of possibilities to those who enjoy exciting adventures, as well as those who look for rest, relaxation, meditation and a spiritual retreat.

    Those looking for adventure will find river rafting on the rapids of “Yaque del Norte” river, hiking to waterfalls such as “Salto de Baiguate” and “Salto de Jimenoa”, as well as, cascade abseiling, safari on jeeps and motorcycles, mountain biking, climbing to Pico Duarte, among other activities.

    It is the perfect place to be in contact with nature, breathe pure air and discover the route that leads to fresh water springs. Between the steep mountains of the “Cordillera Central” (Central Mountain Range), rises majestically the Pico Duarte (Duarte Peak); the highest in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, with a height of 3,087 meters above sea level. In it are born two of the most important rivers of the country, the “Yaque del Norte” and the “Yaque del Sur”.

    The lowest temperatures in the Caribbean register here during the months of December and January, and reach -8oC. 

    To undertake the ascent route towards Pico Duarte constitutes, for many believers, an encounter with the harmony of the universe in coordination with inner peace. Here, the gratitude towards the creative hand flows spontaneously. It manifests itself as a silent prayer in front of the exuberant beauty that arises in the form of a rising sun that breaks through the forests of pine trees, between which the wind whistles, interlacing its sounds with the singing of the birds, and giving the senses the gift of a beautiful symphony.

    The descent constitutes a pleasing experience, bringing with it the satisfaction of having been in communion with Mother Nature.

    According to scientifically proven evidences, the areas that surround the peak are the only ones in the Antilles where glaciations occurred.  A lodging infrastructure to offer accommodations for memorable vacations has begun to develop in this region.


    Name Address Telephone/Fax Email/Website
    Alto Cerro Villas, Hotel & Camping Colonia Kennedy, Constanza TEL.: 539-2676 FAX: 696-0202 HAB.: 49  
    Name Address Telephone/Fax Email/Website
    Cabaña De La Montaña Colonia Kennedy, Parte Arriba, Palo Alto TEL.: 539-3268 FAX: 682-2410 HAB.: 15  


    Name Address Telephone/Fax Email/Website
    Hotel Gran Jimenoa Ave. La Confluencia, Los Corralitos, Jarabacoa TEL.: 574-6304 FAX: 574-4177 HAB.: 28 Hotel@Granjimenoa.com
    Rancho Baiguate La Joya, Jarabacoa TEL.: 574-4940 FAX: 574-6890 HAB.: 27 Rancho.Baiguate@codetel.net.do
    Hotel Pinar Dorado Carretera Jarabacoa-Constanza TEL.: 574-2820 FAX: 574-2237 HAB.: 43  

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