Welcome to the website, Portal - Special Edition Dominican Carnival is one of the most colorful and festive celebrations in the Dominican Republic. Entire communities take to the streets to come together, celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

Grupo Rio

Bonao Wraps Up Carnival Celebrations With Huge Parade
Carnival 2008 in Bonoa is officially coming to an end this Sunday March 9...

Feria Libro Católico

La Vega Closes Carnival Weekend with Big Parade
Representatives from Aruba, Haiti and Curazao in addition to 60 cities around the country...


Discussion On Carnival Images Held in Leon Center
An analysis of this year’s Carnival in the Dominican Republic, captured in the photographs...

Indotel Santo Domingo Carnival Begins Sunday
Santo Domingo will celebrate this Sunday, February 10, with its first Carnival Parade...
Broncos The Designer of La Vega Who Dresses the “Devils”
Ramón Stanley Salcedo, designer and Carnival costume creator and tailor...
Bonao Ruddy Alexis Rodríguez, Mask Maker of Santiago
Since he was 13 years old, Ruddy Alexis Rodríguez has been making masks, a skill he learned out of pure passion for the art.
Broncos Carnival Presentation of La Vega
Next Wednesday January 16 at 6:30 p.m. the La Vega Carnival Union, the Medrano Group and the La Vega City Hall will present all the ...
Bonao León Center Will Host a Forum to Discuss the La Joya Carnival
Anthropologists, historians and any interested person will discuss the traditional Carnival of La Joya, well-known for its creativity and originality.


"Por la noche habrá retreta
y fuegos artificiales,
bailes, disfraz, atabales
y un toro, pero con beta.
Cantinas y cantaletas
habrá sin comparación,
y en toda esta confusión
se oirá por doquiera así:
"Vivas el Comandante, en fin,
de Armas, Pedro Pepín",
"Viva la Restauración".
El Carnaval."

Por Juan Antonio Alix

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