A Sustainable Development Watchdog Initiative in the Dominican Republic

Businesses Offering Biodegradable Packaging in the DR

In the Dominican Republic we now have several business offering biodegradable packaging available for consumers to buy and eliminate the use of plastic from their every day lives. For example: EcoLuxeRD is a company that distributes and represents international brands of ecological premium tableware for events and catering as well as for personal use (www.ecoluxerd.com); CeroPlast is an eco-shop offering different options and alternatives for single use plastics (www.ceroplast.com); GreenDepot has a complete set of sustainable alternatives to plastic made 100% out of renewable resources (www.greendepot.com.do); EcoSupply has products aimed to lead you to a low impact, convenient and simple lifestyle (www.ecosupply.com.do); among others.

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