Since its creation in 2011, the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival  (DREFF) – an initiative of Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (Funglode) – it offers the Dominican public a platform for knowledge and debate on topics related to the environment and sustainable development, and the challenges and best practices. At the same time, it celebrates the unique beauty and wealth of the Dominican natural heritage.

With a diverse selection of films and numerous panels, workshops, seminars and community activities, DREFF promotes dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and experiences, inspiring the Dominican public to implement actions that contribute to the appreciation, conservation and sustainable use of environmental resources.

By bringing together young people, scholars, experts, activists, filmmakers, representatives from the public and private sectors, and non-government organizations, as well as a wide audience from all walks of life, the Festival serves as a catalyst for programs and projects that contribute to the protection, conservation and sustainability of the environment.

Thanks to the participation of over 100 private, non-governmental and public institutions, every September the Festival reaches more than 10,000 viewers in 11 cities of the Dominican Republic, by offering more than 140 free screenings at some 40 venues.

To fulfill GFDD/Funglode’s commitments to contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), DREFF implements programs that operate throughout the year, and work with diverse communities: ReCrearte, EcoHuertos and RDescubre. Likewise, it organizes year-round environmental film screenings, panel discussions, workshops and community activities throughout the national territory. The DREFF blog is a dynamic platform for the exchange of information and debate on sustainable development issues at the national and international level.

Pursuant to its mission to promote environmental filmmaking and raise public awareness, DREFF organizes the Globo Verde Dominicano Award competition and produces its own documentary films.

DREFF contact information
Website: www.dreff.org
Email: info@dreff.org

Washington, D.C.
1629 K Street, NW Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006
T: 202.296.1840 

New York City
Address: 780 Third Avenue 19th Floor New York, NY 10017
T: 212.751.5000

Santo Domingo
C/ Capitán Eugenio de Marchena #26. La Esperilla.
T: 809.685.9966 Ext. 2447 y 2449

Social Media
Twitter / Instagram: @MuestraCine
Facebook: MuestraCineMedioambiental

Links of interest
Dominican Environmental Film Festival (DREFF): www.dreff.org
ReCrearte: www.recrearte.org
Eco-Huertos: www.eco-huertos.org
RDescubre: www.rdescubre.org
Year-Round Environmental Film Screenings: www.dominicanscreenings.org
DREFF Blog: http://blog.dreff.org
Globo Verde Dominicano Award: www.globoverdedominicano.org
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD): www.globalfoundationdd.org

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