Actions to Confront Violence Against Women

Institutional Actions to Confront Violence Against Women in the Dominican Republic:

  • Ministry of Women programs to prevent and confront domestic violence and violence against women.
  • Creation through Decree 423-98 of the National Commission for the Prevention and Fight Against Domestic Violence -CONAPLUVI, for its acronym in Spanish- and its strategic plan.
  • Development of the National Model of Attention.
  • Creation of special departments to attend to female victims of violence in:
    • Attorney General’s Office of the Dominican Republic.
      • Prosecutor of the National District has several specialized programs
      • Unit of Prosecution and Prevention of Gender-based Violence
      • Care Center for Survivors of Violence
      • Department of Childhood, Adolescence and the Family
      • Behavioral Intervention Center for Men
      • Ministry of Health (MISPAS, for its acronym in Spanish)
  • Standards of health care for female victims of violence.
  • Department of Attention to Battered Women.
  • Unit of Attention and Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents in Public Hospitals.
  • Department of Protection of Women in the National Police.
  • Friendly Detachments of Women
  • Departments and Attorneys specialized in dealing with domestic violence and violence against women, in the Office of the Prosecutor of the National District and in the interior.
  • Department of Women and Minors in the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MIREX, for its acronym in Spanish).
  • Implementation of the National Program for Attention and Prevention of Violence Against Women in All of the Country.
  • Updating of the National Gender Equity Plan, with particular emphasis on the subject of violence against women.

Source: Ministry of Women

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