The Dominican Republic possesses great cultural wealth and diversity. Different forms and ways express the Dominican national identity: sayings, games, typical dishes, a variety of world famous dances and rhythms, regional and local festivals, medicinal plants, beautiful artistry, architecture inspired by Dominicans… The national identity is developed over time and is forever in evolution.

The cultural synopsis or cultural heritage of offers a few brush-strokes of this bountiful world that frames the Dominican Republic identity. The review introduces gastronomy (food) with its native and acquired flavors and aromas; the pluralistic and passionate vision that are left in the stories of artists of the brush and paint; the music that sometimes is merengue, bachata, mangulina and an amazing fan of rhythms, just to mention a few.

The pages of the Dominican Republic culture fill a book that is written every second with local and global stories, insular and transoceanic.

We invite you to explore to virtually become better acquainted with the Dominican Republic and to purchase ALL THINGS DOMINICAN | Lo Dominicano, a publication printed by GFDD/Funglode, to appreciate, through your own eyes, the Dominican Republic’s beauty, devotion, joy, color, and its great diversity and natural and cultural wealth.  More information here.

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