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The Dominican Republic is a small and open economy with nearly 10 million inhabitants. During the last 20 years (1995-2015) the country has had a yearly average growth of gross domestic product (GDP) of 5.2%, far above the average in Latin America and the Caribbean during the same period (3.2%).

The economy of the Dominican Republic has changed throughout its history, from being an exporter of agricultural goods to exporting services. The growth of the country has been driven by sectors like tourism, telecommunications, duty-free zones, and remittances. In addition, in recent years it has evidenced an important role in other industries like construction, mining or financial intermediation, which are united in the country’s desire to openly integrate into globalization and broaden and diversity its exports.

Key elements for the transformation of the productive and commercial endeavors of the country, like innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, currently are taking place and generating significant changes in the Dominican economy.

Different international organizations, regional agencies and local entities have reported how the economy of the Dominican Republic reflects growth rates above its potential, positioning the country as a leader of economic performance in Latin America in recent years.

The best way to become informed of the evolution and status of the DR’s economy is to frequently review publications by the official entities dealing with economics. For example, the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic publishes the results of national consumption surveys, and surveys on income, spending, sector analysis, social indicators, economics and all of the national accounts. You can access these publications by visiting: and the section on Reports of the Dominican Economy:

To know the relevant information on inflation in the country (Consumer Price Index) visit:ón-Anual); and to know relevant information on the job market in the Dominican Republic, visit:


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