Main Dominican Lakes and Lagoons, with their location

  • Lago Enriquillo: Independencia province , Bahoruco. 
  • Laguna de Rincón: Independencia province, Barahona. 
  • Laguna de Oviedo: Pedernales province.
  • Laguna Limón: El Seibo province.
  • Laguna Redonda: El Seibo province.  

Main Dominican Rivers, by longitude:

  • Yaque del Norte: 296 km
  • Yuna: 209 km
  • Yaque del Sur:v183 km
  • Ozama: 148km
  • Camú: 137 km
  • Nizao: 133 km
  • San Juan 121km
  • Mao: 105 km

Some of these hydrographic sources have become very important touristic attractions (such as Lago Enriquillo) and others form an essential part of the daily development of the Dominican population in its economic and personal activities.

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