Economic Legislation

In order to regulate the economic behavior of a country, as well as to manage the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of material goods throughout the stages of development, countries implement resolutions, regulations and laws as a tool to achieve the effective management of policies.

In the Dominican Republic, the government actively encourages the creation and implementation of economic laws with the objective of achieving established objectives. The main entities and references to related regulations within the economic and financial field in the Dominican Republic are listed below, including legislative content necessary for economic management, taxation, public finance, banking and the stock market.

Central Bank of the Dominican Republic – Regulations:

Ministry of Treasury–Legal Framework:

Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development– Legal Framework:

General Directorate of Internal Taxes– Legislation:

Department of Insurance–Legal Framework:

Department of Banking –Legal Framework:

Department of Pensions – Regulations:

Stock Exchange of the Dominican Republic – Regulations:

General Directorate of Budget – Legal Framework:

National Treasury of the Dominican Republic – Legal Framework:

Legal Consultancy of Executive Power:

Justia – Dominican Republic:

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