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The Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Health (MSP) implements various actions with the goal of making significant advances in reforming and modernizing the country’s health sector thus complying with the need to make changes in the health system which constitutes one of the fundamental underpinnings for economic and social development in the Dominican Republic. This move is being supported under the General Health Law No. 42-01 dated March 8, 2001 and that law which created the Dominican Social Security System No. 87-01 on May 10, 2001.

The General Law of Health, in article 8 and its five paragraphs, such as Article 6 of the Jurisdictional Regulations and Separation of Basic Functions, establishes the jurisdictional functioning of the National System of Health by the Ministry of Public Health. This states that the Ministry of Public Health Will oversee the formation of health policies in their essential role in public health as well as in the institutional capacity and Will be responsible for quality assurances of the country’s health services.

The General Health Law, under Article 100, establishes the duty of MSP to rehabilitate the country’s health institutions and establishments and to draw up the general norms for their accreditation. On this basis, it will fulfill the attributed function of this Article.

MSP, through the General Management of Authorization, attached to the Technical Deputy Minister, has developed a series of joint activities with the goal of guaranteeing the minimum standards of quality regarding technical, ethical, reliable, effective and transparent functioning on the part of the National Health System in working with a National Authorization System.

The authorization of health establishments is founded in a process of evaluation and licensing which will be issued by MSP in the case where an organization has completely fulfilled all required and established standards. To support this process, a series of joint norms have been established for the authorization of establishments as well as for the rendering of personal services.

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