About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a wonderful country, with cultural wealth and enviable natural diversity. A wide spectrum of nuanced colors and flavors characterize the great Dominican Republic, a Caribbean paradise.

The country’s location in the Antilles and its territorial size of 48,198 square kilometers, form a geographic environment which highlights its tropical character. Elevations and water basins, forests and wetlands, shape a landscape in which contrasts are a constant that enriches the country’s natural heritage.

The DR enjoys an average annual temperature of 25 ° C (77 ° F), which defines it as a moderate tropical climate.

The Dominican Republic’s population, which is over 10 million inhabitants (2013), is governed by a representative democracy in which power is divided among three independent branches: the Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

Dominicans speak Spanish, practice Catholicism as the official majority religion and refer to their currency as the Dominican peso.

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