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Celebration of 19th CTN Vacation Expo Fair 2019

Santo Domingo, May 17, 2019 – On Friday, May 17, the president of CTN and the magazine “Puro Turismo,” officially headed the three-day celebration of the 19th annual CTN’s Expo Fair in Santo Domingo’s Sambil Shopping Center, the country’s largest. The Fair closed on Sunday, May 19, after thousands of visitors visited the event.
Miguel A. Calzada León highlighted during his opening remarks that visitors would receive information on some of the best vacation options provided by the local market.
Calzada León also explained that this year’s event would be dedicated to the United States, one of the Dominican Republic’s most important tourism markets. During the Fair visitors enjoyed updated information on the United States, as well as a special area for tasting some of that nation’s traditional dishes.
During the three-day event, a special Visit USA stand provided visitors with information offered by the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic. At the same time, travel agents also presented updated information on the requirements and procedures that need to be followed to obtain a U.S. travel visa.
“Going on Vacation is Living” is the motto for this year’s Fair which, is important to highlight, has for the past seven years donated the entrance fees (US$2 adults and US$1 children per day) to charitable institutions that work with environmental issues and sustainable tourism, among others.
This year the donation will be made to the PACAM, a non-profit local institution that works with battered women and promotes a culture of peace in Dominican homes. The PACAM has also launched special programs to prevent intra-family violence.
Through the years the CTN Vacation Fair has become part of the Dominican family. This year, visitors will have the opportunity to listen to tourism experts from various sectors, such as all-inclusive hotels, boutique hotels, theme and adventure parks, airlines, travel agencies, cruise ship companies, rent-a-car companies, tourism real estate projects, as well as a great variety of special services and articles linked to the vacation sector.

The Fair – the most important event of its kind in the country – will receive, as in previous years, the full support of the various local tourism clusters and hotel associations. It is important to highlight that all packages offered at the Fair will also be backed up by attractive financing packages from the Banco Popular Dominicano, and credit card holders linked to the CardNet systems.
The Fair took place for a sixth consecutive year at the Sambil Shopping Center, the largest in the country and the Caribbean, with 2,200 parking spaces and offers Dominicans and visitors alike all sort of fun events for the entire family.
The Board to Help Abused Women (PACAM) in the Dominican Republic was founded in March 2003, and officially recognized through Presidential Decree No. 993-03, dated October of the same year. The organization was founded through the initiative of a group of therapists and other professionals to raise awareness on the impact of intra-family violence. The goal was to provide low-income women with the support to stop the significant increase in gender violence.
Other Innovative Events at the CTN Expo Fair 2019
-Friday, May 17: The U.S. Embassy Consular Section provided visitors with updated information on the requirements needed to receive a U.S. visa.
-Saturday, May 18: María Teresa Pérez Pagan, writer of the “Ernesto Visita” children stories, read some of her stories to the children visiting the Fair.
-The Fair provided adults with national and international drinks at discount prices, as well as a special area for cigar smokers, sponsored by the popular chain 4Jacks & Bistro.
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