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The Colonial Gate 4D Cinema Will Present Visual Art Exhibit on “Girls of Fire”

Santo Domingo, July 5, 2019 – The Colonial Gate 4D Cinema announced that it is opening a new cultural space in its facility dedicated to the visual arts. The new hall will present seasonal exhibits that will be accompanied by related cultural activities.
Argentinian audio visual, ceramicist and pottery artist Eliana Oliva will open her latest exhibit in The Colonial Gate 4D Cinema, situated in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone. The exhibit, titled “Girls of Fire,” is scheduled to open on Thursday, July 11, at 7:00 p.m.
In her personal search for an identity, artist Eliana Oliva uses clay and water colors to produce her artistic production. The exhibit will feature water color paintings, illustrated ceramics and graphic ceramics. The exhibit will be open until July 26.
“Girls of Fire” is part of a cultural exchange program that includes various workshops, including pottery-making, that the director of “White Fire” will lead for children and adults during the period the exhibit is open.
Ms. Oliva will also give guided tours of the exhibit, head poetry readings and a workshop on art therapy, centered on mirrors.
About the Artist:
Eliana Oliva is a graduate of the Fernando Arranz School of Ceramics. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the National Art Institute IUNA. Since 2003 she has participated in the Villa Gessell Ceramic Biennial, in the International Meeting of Ceramicists of the Uruguay Collective, and had a prominent presence in the Calchaqui Pottery Gathering, in the Province of Salta, among others.
By putting together her love for pottery and colors, she found in ceramics a form of expression that emerged from her very personal feelings.
Since 2006 she teachers in public and private schools in Buenos Aires, and teaches artistic ceramics in the area of Special Education. She opened a space she named “White Fire” where workshops and lectures are held on ceramics and pottery.

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