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The Dominican Republic and United Arab Emirates Sign Cultural Cooperation Agreement

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, November 26, 2018 – Dominican Minister of Culture, Architect Eduardo Selman, participated in the recent official delegation – headed by Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas – that visited the United Arab Emirates where, among other official events, the Minister signed a cooperation agreement with his counterpart, Minister of Culture Nouba Al Kaabi. Through the Agreement, both nations will be able to exchange information and sponsor activities that will contribute to further the cultural understanding of both nations.

Regarding the Agreement, Minister Selman explained: “Cultural activities have great value to nations and, in our particular case, they identify us as a nation, as Dominicans throughout the world. It also gives us an economic advantage, because it encourages tourists to visit our country.”

He also highlighted that the Dominican Republic was the territory used by Christopher Columbus, and where the first settlement of the new world was built – in the northwest town now known as “La Isabela.” Minister Selman revealed that the Ministry is working with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to declare “La Isabela” a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity.

“This historic detail, as well as the vast number of monuments, our history, music, dance, are all part of our rich cultural history that we want to share with our friends throughout the world,” explained Selman during the signing ceremony.

During the ceremony, Minister Selman presented his colleague a collection of Dominican symphonic music, donated by the Dominican Refidomsa Foundation, headed by Félix Jiménez.

During the official visit to Abu Dhabi, the Dominican authorities signed four additional agreements. In representation of the Abu Dhabi government, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, signed the agreements.
One of the agreements signed was to promote Trade and Commerce, and the creation of a Joint Council to further cooperation between both nations.
The third agreement was on Political Cooperation between both States, and the fourth was between the United Arab Emirates’ Diplomatic Academy and the Dominican Institute of Diplomatic and Consular Training.
The Dominican Ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Clarita Martínez Teddy, participated in the signing ceremony.

IMG_0043.jpg Minister of Culture, Architect Eduardo Selmán, Dominican Ambassador Clarita Martínez Teddy, and Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas Maldonado.

IMG_0147.jpg The Minister of Culture of the Arab Emirates, Nouba Al Kaabi, receives from Minister Selman a collection of Dominican symphonic music, donated by the Refidomsa Foundation.

fc1fe186-9f53-4e86-a9e3-813334ae254f.JPG Arquitect Eduardo Selman accompanied by Caribbean Ministers of Culture and the Minister of International Cooperation Reem Al Hashimi.

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