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The Dominican Republic and China Report Significant Growth in Trade Relations and in the Number of Visa Requests, Just One Year After Establishment of Diplomatic Relations

The President of IEPES LAC, Claritza de la Cruz, Expressed Interest of Young Dominicans in Chinese Culture

Trade relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Dominican Republic have experienced an impressive growth, just one year after both nations decided to establish diplomatic relations.
The information was provided by his Excellency, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Run, who highlighted that this important growth in trade relations has also generated an important jump in visa applications filed by Dominicans who want to visit the Asian nation.
Ambassador Run discussed these and other issues during a meeting held at the diplomatic mission with a group of young Dominicans. The national delegation was headed by Claritza de la Cruz, president of the Institute for the Political, Economic and Social Studies of Latin America and the Caribbean (IEPES-LAC).
Ms. de la Cruz, who is also the founder of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Friends and Former Dominican Alumni of Chinese universities, and the Dominican representative before the Latin American Center for Chinese Political and Economic Studies (CLEPEC RD), reported that during the meeting all were able to exchange their opinions on the events that they have participated in with other students who have benefited from studying in Chinese universities.
She also highlighted that “Dominican youth is very interested in learning more of the knowledge and culture of that great nation.” And explained that Ambassador Run spoke to the Commission members about the important of both nations formalizing diplomatic relations.
Ambassador Run also explained that due to the formalization of relations, “trade among both nations” has been evident in the local economy and has generated an increase in the number of visa requests made by Dominicans interested in traveling to China.
He also explained that thanks to this new scenario both governments are working on important agreements that will greatly benefit the Dominican Republic.
Ambassador Run spoke of the different projects that are currently being contemplated and will eventually be developed between both nations in the short and long term. Other important points discussed were the cultural exchange activities planned for the future.
Some of the activities planned for the future between both nations is the 40th celebration of the reform and opening of China. Ambassador Run highlighted that “today this growth is clearly visible before the world through the great infrastructures, the development of technologies and the free trade zones that have allowed for the production and growth of various sectors.”
At the same time, Ms. de la Cruz stated that youth plays an important role in both societies, because of their enthusiasm and integration into society.
Ms. de la Cruz encouraged Ambassador Run to help provide more information on the Chinese culture in the Dominican Republic, especially its gastronomy and tourism, an important source of income to the Dominican Republic. Also important: cultural exchange programs, and social and political knowledge relating to both nations.
At the end of the meeting Ms. de la Cruz presented Ambassador Run with former President Leonel Fernandez’ latest book, titled “Ideas in Conflict: Posthumous Dialogue Between Juan Bosch and John Bartlow Martin (unofficial translation) The book makes a tremendous contribution to the country’s history and bibliography, because it reveals important information about Dominican history after the downfall of dictator Trujillo’s regime.
Other participants in the event were Zhang Buxin, Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, and the Ambassador’s Assistant, Mrs. Sun Ning. Ms. de la Cruz was accompanied by Carlos Vilorio, Jesús Rosado and Paola Cuesta.

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