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Dominican Congress Names November 22 as “National Larimar Day”

Santo Domingo, June 20, 2018 – The Dominican National Congress recently declared November 22 as “National Larimar Day” by issuing Law 17-18.  The date was chosen to mark the special day when in 1916 Catholic priest Miguel Domingo Fuertes discovered the first Larimar stone in the southwest province of Barahona.

The Larimar stone is a variety of pectolite, a mineral that is only found in the Dominican Republic.

The blue and white stone was declared the National Stone in 2011.  The Stone has become a symbol of Dominican identity and a cultural patrimony.

The Law states that the Ministries of Energy and Mines, the Environment, Culture and Tourism will assign part of their budgets to carry out activities that will promote the Larimar both at the national and international levels. It is now considered a semi-precious stone that identifies the Dominican Republic.

The Ministries will also carry out special activities to commemorate “National Larimar Day” and hold a special celebration in Barahona Province, home of the Larimar School-Workshop and Museum.

The Law is part of the efforts carried out to encourage public policies that will care for and preserve the distinctive elements of Dominican cultural identity.




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