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Dominican Engineer Publishes Book on the Construction of the Autonomous University (UASD) Library

Santo Domingo, May 15, 2018 – Engineer Hugo Francisco Suriel Vargas has made an important contribution to the history of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the oldest in the New World, with the publication of his book “Biblioteca Central de la UASD. La verdadera y real historia de su construcción” (non-official translation: UASD Central Library. The Real and Truthful History Behind its Construction).  The book also provides valuable information on the history of higher education in the Dominican Republic.

The book launching ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 9, at the Aida Cartagena Portalatín Hall in Santo Domingo’s Cultural Plaza. The audience consisted mainly of architects, engineers and representatives from the country’s construction sector. Also, representatives from the UASD, as well as the engineers and architects that worked with the author and engineer in charge of the university’s central library, known today as the Pedro Mir Library.

The book’s prologue is written by Dr. Odalís G. Pérez, who explained the reasons that motivated the author to write the book.

In his keynote remarks, Engineer Hugo Suriel described the entire construction process, beginning with the planning stages, the authorization processes and, above all, the difficulties faced during the construction project.  However, the conclusion of the construction has contributed to provide education, orientation and support to the Autonomous University students.

The author also explained: “The fundamental reason as to why I wrote this book is based on the ethical and moral principles that I was raised with.  This is why in conversations with one of my granddaughters, who frequently asks me what other projects I have worked in, I try to answer her by telling her my story from the moment I graduated as a civil engineer.  But I am very careful, because she tells me: GOOGLE KNOWS EVERYTHING.”

The book written by Engineer Suriel, manager of Constructora del Sur, SRL (CONSUR), is an eloquent testimony of what it means to be a developer in the Dominican Republic, the risks undertaken, consequences, the difficult processes, obstacles and the difficult situations that must be overcome, in order to carry out a project such as this one.

The 247-page book features copies of the original plans, special designs, photographs and description of the construction of modern projects that provide the reader with the history of civil construction in the Dominican Republic.

The book’s cover depicts the mural “Donde se construye la Patria” (non-official translation “Where the Homeland is Built”), painted by architect and professor   Amable Sterling Medrano.  Other works featured is the sculpture titled “Libertad de pensamiento” (non-official translation “Freedom of Thought”), a creation of artist Manuel Montilla, as well as a series of sketches and detailed descriptions of the creation and consolidation process of the mural which symbolizes the Pedro Mira Library at the UASD.

The book also features functional and structural artistic details that helped the author to complete the creative and construction process of the Library.


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