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Entrepreneurial Groups Come Together to Further Coral Garden Program in Bávaro’s Coastal Region

La Altagracia, September 6, 2018 – Due to the serious damage suffered by the coral reef barrier of the Bávaro region, on the country’s eastern region, a group of private business representatives and the Association of Aquatic Services of La Altagracia Province, came  together to open a coral farming program that three years later has turned out to be more than successful.

In order to guarantee the program’s success, organizers joined forces with the Grupo Puntacana Foundation, the country’s leading pro-environment organization.  The project began in the “Cabeza de Toro” section of the eastern region, an important tourism enclave.

“This has been a tremendous initiative for all of us, made possible thanks to the support and collaboration provided by the Grupo Puntacana Foundation,” stated Emile Mariotti, president of the Association of Aquatic Services of the country’s eastern region.

At the same  time,  Albania Martínez – vice president of the organization – explained that the positive results of the project also had to do with the support received by the Armed Forces through Vice Admirals Edwin Dominici Rosario and Edmundo Félix Pimentel, with an additional program to reorganize Bávaro Beach and which constituted the second phase of the coral farming program.

“We could not have launched this program, to plant and replant coral seedlings in the region, if the beach area was not properly organized as well as the circulation of boats in nearby waters.  Without this part of the program the coral farming project would have died.”

Association members also explained that the coral reefs of the Caribbean region have suffered serious damage due to recent hurricanes, inadequate fishing methods (through the use of explosives and chlorine), as well as other ecological factors related to fish and algae.”

The implementation of the program in the Bavaro region  is part of an overall project that will benefit other ecosystems, such as the Coral Reefs of the Southeast.

Association representatives stated that one of their priorities is to protect the coral reefs and work to guarantee their recovery.  The project will not only benefit the local marine flora and fauna, but will also have a tremendous positive impact in that important tourism region.


Coral reefs are marine ecosystems found in tropical regions and are usually found near shallow waters near the coastline.  Corals are primitive organisms that produce calcium carbonate. Other coral reefs and algae grow in this ecosystem.

Coral reefs are home to all kinds of marine life such as shellfish, star fish and sea urchins, among others. Some four thousand species of fish, 700 species of coral, and thousands of other marine wildlife live in this impressive marine ecosystem.

Because of their strategic positioning between the coastal areas and open waters, coral reefs are important physical barriers that protect mangroves and other coastal and marine systems from incoming waves.



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