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Banco Popular Presents the History of Numbers During VIth Economic and Financial Week

Santo Domingo, March 25, 2019 – As part of its corporate responsibility initiatives, and with the goal of increasing the level of financial education among children and young adults, the country´s Banco Popular Dominicano will once again co-sponsor the VIth Economic and Financial Week, an annual event coordinated by the Central Bank.
The event will take place March 25-29 in the Central Bank´s headquarters in Santo Domingo as well as in its Santiago – the country´s second largest city – offices.
The Banco Popular will provide the children in attendance with a special edition of a comic book titled “A Numerical Adventure,” which will introduce students from six to 10 years of age the origin of numbers and the importance of math in the development of humankind.
In addition to the comic book, each visitor to the special Banco Popular Dominicano stand will also receive additional teaching materials that will motivate and educate children on the correct management of personal finances.
The bank will also use audiovisual tools during the entire event, depicting 26 teaching capsules titled “The History of Numbers.” Bank employees will appear in the audiovisuals where they will talk about specific number-related issues. The audiovisuals will address children ranging from 11 to 16 years of age.
Other events in the program include six workshops on financial education, specifically adapted to reach various age groups.
The smaller participants will enjoy the workshop “Saving is Good For Us,” coordinated by the “Ciencia Divertida” company, which teaches children the importance of savings and responsible consumer habits. The older children will participate in the financial workshop “Purposeful Finances,” headed by certified facilitators Aura Cruz and Pamela Pichardo.
This is the sixth consecutive year that the country´s Banco Popular participates in this important event, sponsored by the Dominican Republic´s Central Bank and co-sponsored by the Child & Youth Finance International organization.


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