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Baseball Fans Rejoice over Opening of Águilas Cibaeñas Plaza in Santiago, the Country’s Second Largest City

It is the Only Plaza of its Kind in the Dominican Republic to
Honor Regional Baseball Team

Santiago, July 2, 2018 – Outstretched wings, sharp claws, a steady gaze and overall impressive postures define the four wooden eagles sculpted by Dominican artist Wandy Casilla. The statutes represent the beautiful and majestic eagle, the magnificent bird that is the symbol of the Aguilas Cibaeñas, the baseball team of the country’s north-central region.
The eagles complement and brighten up the Plaza, situated in the northwest gardens of Santiago’s important historic Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration. The eagles were placed on the grounds of this important monument to honor the Aguilas Cibaeñas baseball team, winners of the 21st title of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 baseball season.
Monument director architect José Manuel Antuñano Peralta, explained that the sculptures were made with the recycled wood of dried or sick trees that had been cut from the surrounding garden areas.
The initiative was the result of a strategic alliance between the Monument administration and the garden-oriented company Caribbean Turf.
The Águilas Cibaeñas Plaza is the only one of its kind in the Dominican Republic that honors a specific baseball team. The Plaza was built to resemble a baseball stadium. Some of the team’s most important and historic players are also honored: Julián Javier, Winston –Chilote-Llenas, Julito Martínez, Roberto Peña, Tony Peña, Miguel –Guelo- Diloné, Félix Fermín, Arnulfo –Nino- Espinosa, Stanley Javier, Ramón Arturo Peña and Franklin Taveras.


Other nearby plazas in Santiago must also be highlighted, such as the Plaza Monumental, home to various spaces that feature part of the city’s cultural history. For example, there is the Plaza La Información, built on November 15, 1915, to honor the city’s first newspaper. This particular Plaza also honors the memory of Dominican poet Manuel del Cabral (1907- 1999), who was an important collaborator of the newspaper from its very beginnings. Other figures honored: Santiago artist Yoryi Morel and musician Ñico Lora, known for his mastery of the accordion.
Other famous Santiago citizens honored at the Plaza are renowned musician Julio Alberto Hernández (1900-1998), whose image is seen on top of a traditional Santiago carriage. Riding in the carriage are the images of Professor Ercilia Pepín (1886-1939), one of the country’s first feminists and patriots; Tomás Morel (1912-1992), a top folklorist and poet; the traditional street vendor, and the various traditional figures of Santiago’s carnival. These small plazas were incorporated to the Monument in 2017.


The Monument consists of a 74-meter tall tower, partially built with marble. Inside the monument there are priceless murals painted by Spanish painter Vela Zanetti. The 365-step stairway takes the visitor to the top, from where it can see the entire region in all its beauty and glory. The Monument’s lamps are made of crystal rock.
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