National Parks

National Parks

National Park José del Carmen Ramírez

This national park, along with the Armando Bermudez National Park, has the largest number of hydrologic resources. It is the source of the main rivers that irrigate the San Juan Valley and provide electric power to neighboring communities. There is the start of the river Yaque del Sur and all its tributaries. This park and the Armando Bermudez Park provide water for more than 80,000 tasks.

The temperature levels reached in the park are low. They can fluctuate between 12 and 18 degrees C. There can be frost in zones such as the Tetero Valley where temperatures can reach 4 and 5 degrees C. below zero. The low temperatures greatly favor activities such as camping.

The plant formations are mainly organized by coniferous, mix and latifoliadas or wide leaf forests. The creole pine which occupies the main layer predominates.
The main species that take up the natural spaces in this protected area have an exceptional biological meaning, given the fact that they are located in high regions in the mountain.  They are elements of ornithological rareness in the field of world zoogeography.

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