National Parks

National Parks

Del Este National Park

This park is located in the southeastern corner of the country. Shaped like a trapezoidal peninsula, it has an area of 310 square km. The Park includes Saona Island.

It is possible to distinguish three different life zones within the national park, according to Holdridge’s classification: Subtropical Humid Forest, Subtropical Dry Forest and Transition Forest which is in between the last two.

The beach grape, the bayahonda and the caoba, among others, are some of the most representative species in the park.

112 bird species have been registered within the park’s limits which correspond to half of the total species in the country. From this total, 8 species are endemic from the island, and 11 are common in the Caribbean region.

The manatee is an endangered marine mammal. Dolphins can also be found at the Park.

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