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Painter Oscar Abreu Will Open Exhibit in “Altos de Chavón” Art Gallery

La Romana, August 12, 2019 – The “Altos de Chavón” Art Gallery will present Dominican artist Oscar Abreu´s latest art exhibit. The much-awaited event will officially open on Wednesday, August 14 and run until September 16.

Artist Abreu will exhibit 20 of his top creations, where he expresses his visual inventions and highlights his intelligent handling of his personal aesthetic language which he calls “Psycho-Expressionism.” Through this particular view of the world, Abreu has created an artistic language that has become a part of his substantial expressive medium.

“Oscar Abreu is someone who tries to conciliate different realities in order to create new realities. These different realities go through a filter of emotions, until they converge into a sublimation of poetic tones,” highlights historian and art critic Cándido Gerón.

“I try to explore the psychological phenomenon of how unconscious impulses survive and how they impact us forever until we become who we are. I express this phenomenon through stains that resurface to the top of the canvas,” explained the artist.

Oscar Abreu has presented 35 individual exhibits in different countries. He explained that in this “collection he expresses personal experiences, trying to awaken a state of social awareness in the viewer, especially in this agitated era of globalization.”

Currently, Oscar Abreu is one of the Dominican Republic´s most respected and influential artists. He is the founder of the international Artforo Fair, which will open at the end of this year for the first time in the country at the Palace of Fine Arts.

“On several occasions we have tried to define the Psycho-Expressionism of Oscar Abreu and present his work as an outlet, a sense of freedom, a liberation of his internal universe. In this context, and in contrast with that particular characteristic that turns a painting into an illusion, we now present, in an apparent paradox, Abreu´s work as being highly truthful,” explained architect Gamal Michelén.

During Santo Domingo´s International Book Fair 2018 (Oscar Abreu: Memories of Psycho-Expressionism”, non-official translation), where the author writes about the life and work of the artist.

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