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Opportunities for Medical Dental Tourism in the D.R.

This medical sector is also known as dental tourism.  It is a subsector of the country’s health tourism, an industry that continues to grow at a fast and healthy rate in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo, July 10, 2018 – The Dominican Republic is an attractive tourism destination which continues to position itself in the international rankings prepared regarding medical tourism destinations.  In addition to its magnificent beaches, mountains, golf and gastronomy attractions, the growth of the tourism dental sector has continued to grow.

Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), recently explained that the country should work to diversify the country’s tourism sector – especially the health and dental tourism sectors.  He explained that annually some eleven million tourists travel to various destinations to receive various medical treatments.

In the United States, according to data revealed by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), there are some 120 million citizens that have no dental insurance.  Also, many Dominicans living abroad travel to the D.R. to receive dental treatment due to the confidence they have in local professionals and the attractive rates offered, as well as pain-free treatments.

Tourists also benefit from attractive packages that include pick-up service at the airport, transfer to a local hotel, dental evaluation, before and after photographs of the procedure, x-rays, CT Scans and post-op procedures that will guarantee an overall successful treatment.

However, Dr. Cambiaso explained that in order to continue to strengthen this important market segment the country must create alliances with medical and dental associations abroad, as well as with the public and private sectors.  At the same time, he highlighted the need to monitor and combat clandestine centers and to continue to promote the quality and security of the services provided in the country in this sector.

At the same time, the Association urges all sector professionals to become full members of their respective medical organizations and that all medical centers that will be used for specific procedures be approved by the Ministry of Health as well as receive international certifications and accreditations.

Dr. Cambiaso also stated that it is important to receive a second opinion on particular cases, and to reach agreements with banks that can finance treatments; have civil responsibility professional insurance; international departments with a multi-disciplinary human resources and bilingual team, as well as professional advertising.

The Guide to Health Tourism and Well-Being provides all those interested in specific health procedures, the same way that the Fourth International Congress on Health Tourism and Well-Being – organized by the Dominican Association of Health Tourism and AF Comunicación Estrategica – will be an important opportunity to become familiar with the sector.  Also, to make contact with the medical sector and companies specializing in identifying international patients, as well as international insurance companies that provide coverage for dental procedures.

The Congress is scheduled to take place from September 5-7, 2018 at the Hotel Renaissance Jaragua in Santo Domingo.

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