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Reconstructive Surgery Done for Free on Children


Reconstructive Surgery Done for Free on Children

A series of reconstructive surgical operations on children from lower income families will be carried out from February 17-21n in La Vega’s Juan Bosch Hospital as part of the work done by the “Moreano World Medical Mission.”    

The surgeries are planned for some 300 children who have problems with reconstructive plastic surgery and surgeries of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. The medical team is made up of 40 professionals from various countries including the United States. The team is headed up by Dr. Edwin Moreano, clinical professor at the New York State University. Dr. Moreano and his team have donated their time and knowledge for the endeavor.

This mission is coordinated in the Dominican Republic by the Lions Club of Cotuí y Jarabacoa, in addition to doctors from Juan Bosch Hospital, the Center for Study and Human Development (CEDHUM) and support from Monumental Shipping and the Gran Jimenoa Hotel.  “

“Moreano World Medical Mission” is part of a non-profit organization called “Middle of the World Medical Mission” which, since 2003, annually carries out this type of work in the country.


Date of Publication: January 29, 2008

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