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Cabarete to Host the Master of the Ocean 2008 in February


Cabarete to Host the Master of the Ocean 2008 in February

 Cabarete’s shores will soon be welcoming the best exhibitors in surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The 6th edition of the Snapple Master of the Ocean 2008 will take place February 27th –March 2nd thanks to Cadbury Schweppes Beverage Corporation Americas.

If the third one’s the charm then the sixth equals total consolidation.  One of the most important and pioneering tournaments in its genre, Snapple Master of the Ocean, returns this year, loaded with excitement and skill over Cabarete’s enticing waves.

Athletes are training. No loose ends are being left unattended. And in only a few more weeks, action on water will be experienced one more time. We talk of course about this unique event that arrives to our shores this year thanks to the support of Snapple and the Ministry of Tourism, gathering like in past years, the best representatives, both locally and internationally, that compete against one another to thus obtain the title of “Master of the Waves”.

The general concept for the event has always been to position the Dominican Republic at a level, for example, from Hawaii, whereas a sports competition sans égal, a sort of registered brand name that supports local talent, federation and visa-free”, explains Marcus Bohm, creator, organizer and main promoter for the event. “After visiting so many countries, Cabarete, located on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, continues to be till this day the best venue to enjoy the waves and this entire entire wonderful region that has so much to offer its visitors.

Voila! While participants are putting all of their might, creating and developing skillful maneuvers and jumps over the water, while the public delights itself of the greatest sports event ever seen, they can also fully enjoy of Cabarete’s rich and diverse gastronomic offer and its exciting nightlife. Hence, a special and unique feeling, known to many as the Cabarete mood.

Also, as a “side dish” to the event, a series of collateral events is also underway that will complement the spirit of the event” spread out in every splash, so explains Marcus Bohm, organizer for this aquatic triathlon.

Alter the eliminatory rounds, athletes partake in different disciplines (surf, windsurf and kite surfing) and their overall performance is jointly evaluated; whomever gathers the most amount of points at the end wins the title and will be known for one year as the “Master of the Ocean.”  The championship title also comes with a cash prize of USD 10,000.00) plus another USD$ 1,000.00 for best performance). Michael Guzmán, Luciano González, James Ortis and Jean Marco Rivera have obtained this title in past years.

But there are other awards: “Master Surf”, “Master Windsfurf” and “Master Kite”. This year new talents will also be rewarded under the title of “Future Master” a new concept created to enthuse the younger athletes.

Though Cabarete will be the point of rendezvous for athletes from all over the world, local talent is this year’s great protagonist. “Snapple Master of the Ocean” is a Dominican competition, created so these greatly skilled promoters of local talent can fully compete and show no restriction, right in their own beach. Jean Marco Rivera was awarded Master in 2007.

How did Master of the Ocean begin?
It was first a surfing and windsurf competition that featured a kite surfing show among tits attractions; this alter the youngest of all genres. We then thought; why not present an event that involved all three disciplines. While I was working for the EuroSport Franchise I came up with the idea of creating a unique event, which represented and promoted the Dominican Republic. Thus, more or less was born MOTO. This is our sixth year edition.

What makes this event so different?
Since the beginning, the idea was to find a competition concept that allowed us to promote local talent and sell Cabarete as a community for “young, athletic and fun-loving people that enjoy the beach in a very conscious manner”. Hence presenting and promoting a standard world event.

What characterizes this year’s edition for 2008?
Well, basically two aspects. We have people that have been undergoing training specifically for this event for months now. Athletes that excel in one or two of the genres that are preparing for a third, to thus master all. Another novel aspect is that this year we feature an activities calendar that will very well complement the spirit and vibe spread through each splash.

Asides the Master of the Ocean grand title, what other awards are featured?
We have a total grand prize of USD$10,000.00 for the winner but at this precise moment we are undergoing negotiation to increase this amount and add other cash prizes.

How many athletes will participate in this year’s edition?
We’re expecting between sixty and eighty participants this year.

What lies ahead in the future for MOTO? What are the plans for 2008-2009?
To consolidate MOTO as an event that identifies the Dominican Republic at international level. To carry out a year-long “media tour”, thus promoting the event. Also, gathering the cash prize with anticipation hence making it more appealing to future contestants.  

Date of Publication: January 24, 2008

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