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Drinking Water For All Program Announced


Drinking Water For All Program Announced


The National Institute for Potable Water and Sewers (INAPA) announced the start of a program that will supply the entire population with safe and high quality drinking water which users will be able to access directly from their taps.


With the aim of reaching the Millennium Development Objectives, the goal of which is that by 2012, 90 or 95% of all Dominicans will have access to quality drinking water, especially in areas that currently lack water distribution networks.


In addition to the construction of new aqueducts like the one in Higüey, work is being done to widen coverage of services offered in San Pedro de Macorís, Hato Mayo, La Romana, Las Galeras of Samaná and Nagua.


Frank Rodríguez, director of INAPA, confirmed that three years before the Millennium Development Objectives are reached, the country will reduce by 50% the number of people who are not receiving water.


Rodríguez announced the beginning of water quality projects in the El Seibo, La Vega and Barahona aqueducts. He explained that the projects are being undertaken with consultation from the Technical and Higher Education Institute of Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico and that they will be replicated in the remainder of the aqueducts administered by the organization.


Rodríguez said that they are going to urge users to pay for the service if it is received correctly, due to the high cost of making water safe to drink and transporting it into people’s homes. He added that an education program directed at users will utilize the mass media such as radio, television as well as school and home visits


Date of Publication: January 9, 2008

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