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Agreement Reached to Promote Socially Responsible Business Practices


Agreement Reached   to Promote Socially Responsible Business Practices

The National Competition Council (CNC) and the NGO Alliance will work together to promote Socially Responsible Business Practices with the understanding that such initiatives will positively impact human development.

Andrés van der Horst Álvarez, Executive Director of the CNC and Brito Fernández, President of the NGO Alliance endorsed a mutual cooperation agreement to support one another in this endeavor, according to a press release sent by the CNC.
In a effort to carry this out in a coordinated fashion, they have committed to work on a study about Social Responsible Business Practices in the country. As such, the National Competition Council will earmark 125,000 pesos for the publication of the research, which will be done under the auspices of the NGO Alliance using the same framework as a program done with the Kellogg Foundation.
Both organizations will coordinate joint seminars, meetings, round tables and other activities that will be carried out to determine the best corporate business practices that are helping their communities.
Andrés van der Horst  Álvarez said that “there are new tendencies in the world that promote the necessity to create systemic competitive advantages through the actions of Social Responsibility being carried out by companies who are not just focusing their work exclusively on productive output but rather on human development as well.”
Brito Fernández agreed that “the presence of the business sector in social service areas such as health and education is vital in order to promote development by establishing alliances between the productive and corporate sector and the social sector.
“Within the framework of the Project for the Strengthening of Non-Profit Organizations, which we did with the support of the Kellogg Foundation, we are carrying out a study about corporate responsibility in the country.”  Brito Fernandez explained.
As part of these activities “the NGO Alliance proposes to gather information about the social initiatives of the private sector and to identify opportunities for alliances between business and non-profit organizations.”


Date of Publication: December, 2007

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