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Dominicans Shine to the Rhythm of Merengue and the Taste of Baseball at the Grand Parade in New York

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Dominicans Shine to the Rhythm of Merengue and the Taste of Baseball at the Grand Parade in New York
New York, August 10 2015

To the rhythm of merengue, güira and drums, and the taste of baseball, Dominicans celebrated in style one of the most important days for the Diaspora, with the Dominican national parade in the Big Apple, which took place on the Sixth Avenue in New York City.

Following a message of congratulations from the President of the United States, Barack Obama, which was read by the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, James Brewster, the President of the board of directors of the “Dominican Day Parade”, Ángela Fernández, cut the inaugural ribbon to declare the celebration of the Dominican national parade 2015 open.

The community leader was accompanied by the members of the organization, as well as the Dominican Consul General Eduardo Selman; the State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman; the State Senator, Adriano Espaillat; and Dominican and State elected leaders and community members. They marched together to celebrate the big day of Dominicans abroad.

Ángela Fernández, President of the organization’s board of directors, highlighted the success of the parade, and the fact that it was organized in less than three months. More than 500 thousand Dominicans answered the call of the new administration to celebrate together, as a family, what it means to be Dominican abroad.

“We are a new board of directors and we are delighted to having successfully carried out this event with the support of the other members of the board. Thanks to them, we have been able to achieve a great parade, and we, Dominicans, should be proud of it. “Thanks are also due to the community organizations and the companies who supported us, and to all the participants for having made this great parade a successful one.”

More than 50 floats, dance troupes, roba la gallina, cultural groups, batton ballet, and sports and religious associations paraded together, united in a big brotherly hug, on the Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. Pedro Martínez, Johnny Ventura, Celines Toribio and all the other Dominicans that were distinguished on this wonderful day, were hailed during this impressive parade.

State Governor Mario Cuomo; the New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio; the Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Frank Cortorreal; Assemblyman Guillermo Linares; Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras; and the President of the Municipal Council, Melissa Mark Viverito, among other elected leaders and city officials, attended the parade.

Community leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, the general public and a range of personalities from the community, gathered during this great celebration that marks a new era for the unity of Dominicans abroad.

This emblematic parade took place on Sixth Avenue, in Manhattan, NY. It started at 36th Street and ended at 52nd Street, and more than 500 thousand Dominicans were present.

The Dominican National Parade in Manhattan has been taking place for 35 years and it is part of the family tradition of all Dominicans living in the Big Apple. It represents a popular manifestation of the cultural values of the Dominican people, which is the reason why all Dominicans hope that this activity will continue honoring their identity with pride and dignity.

Long live the Dominicans and the Dominicanidad!!!

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