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Pablo Palasso is the First Dominican Painter to Exhibit at the Villa Pisani Palace in Venice, Italy

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Pablo Palasso is the First Dominican Painter to Exhibit at the Villa Pisani Palace in Venice, Italy
Barahona, August 5, 2015

As part of the international exhibiiton of his art, Dominican painter Pablo Palasso will present his 28th individual exhibition at the international gallery of the Villa Pisani Palace Museum, Stra Venice, Italy.

The renowned Caribbean artist, with extensive national and international experience, will be exhibiting his art at the imposing eighteenth century palace at the invitation of the Museum of the Americas, a renowned museum and cultural institution specializing in the design, research and exhibition of Latin American art, with administrative offices in Florida and Texas, United States.

According to information provided by the administration of the Museum of the Americas, the Dominican painter was selected from over a thousand artists from various cities around the world, who were given the opportunity to present their works at this emblematic Italian palace.

The exhibition entitled “Transparencias caribeñas/entre mitos y leyendas,” is made of a collection of 15 paintings in various formats, produced in acrylic on canvas, created between the years 2014 and 2015.

Referring to his upcoming solo exhibition, Pablo Palasso said that he feels more than pleased with being able to showcase the symbolic values of his painting which use, as a thematic point of reference, many fundamental components that dominate the novel theme of the Latin American boom, aspects which, in turn, are directly linked to the core pillars that give substance to the cultural identity of being Dominican and to its most ancestral culture.

He added: “I want Italy and the rest of the world where I can bring my work to know the vitality and strength of our culture of origin, by translating it to its aesthetic dimension and art technique. My wish is for people to feel my work as part of the most authentic and vital of what it means to be Dominican, especially in times of great confusion and distraction regarding the true attention capacity toward citizens from around the world, which has always regulated our personality and customs. This new international commitment, for which my work is the pretext, in essence seeks to showcase the traditional hospitality of the Dominican people.” Allan Estévez Abreu, Palasso’s representative, noted that the showing of this international exhibition of the Dominican artist in Italy, after great efforts and negotiations, is being presented as a way of proposing a new alternative for Dominican tourism in the international tourism markets, from the perspective of the Dominican culture and art, and as an alternative quality tourism, traditionally based on the beauty of our landscape and the friendly nature of Dominicans, factors that have become part of the branding of our country around the world.

He reported that Palasso’s exhibit will open on October 4, 2015, and that it will remain open until October 18 of this year. Pablo Palasso was born in Santo Domingo, and he has exhibited his paintings on three occasions at the Dominican Republic National Biennial of Visual Arts. In 1984, he participated in the prestigious São Paulo Biennale in Brazil.

In recognition of his career, between 1997 and 2000, he was distinguished four times with the Paleta de Oro Award by the Essex Art Center of the Museum of Contemporary of Art in Boston, United States, in which the artist competed against 175 participants from all over the world.

Also, in 2006, UNESCO awarded him a Gold Medal, honoring him with the status of “excellent painter from the Dominican Republic.” In 2013, the New York City’s Mayor’s office recognized the quality of his work and the decades he has dedicated entirely to enhancing the Dominican identity in his painting, by issuing a proclamation in his honor, which highlights his merits as a visual artist, and his passion for transforming his creative impulses in an appreciation of the ancient myths and legends of his country.

In the same context, in May 2004, painter Pablo Palasso had the honor of seeing two of his paintings being auctioned by Christie’s International Auction House in Paris.

The most recent international installation of his art was a solo exhibition at the prestigious Art Expo New York-2015, the largest international art exhibition fair in the world, where he conversed with prominent art critics, curators, journalists and collectors from the United States Europe and Asia, who were interested in the essentially Latin American character of his paintings, through which he establishes an intersection and a link with the global culture. As part of the international scope of his work, on June 12 of this year, a selection of 24 of his paintings was exhibited at the mystic Louvre Museum, as part of the annual international museums fair that is presented at The Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris.

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