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“La Voz del Yuna” in Bonao Will Be Celebrated With A Cultural Week

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“La Voz del Yuna” in Bonao Will Be Celebrated With A Cultural Week
Santo Domingo, July 31 2015

For an entire week the city of Bonao, in the Monseñor Nouel province, will celebrate with artistic and cultural activities the opening of the museum and replica of the “La Voz del Yuna” radio station, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 1, at 5 pm.

To mark this occasion, the organizers have prepared a program of concerts, which will begin on Monday, August 3, starting at 8 pm, with the presentation of composer Rafael Solano and artist Niní Cáffaro.

On Tuesday, August 4, also at 8 pm, it will be the Popular Music Orchestra of the National Conservatory’s turn to pay tribute to Bullumba Landestoy. On Wednesday, August 5, there will be an evening to celebrate local artists.

Then, on Thursday, August 6, the irresistible voice of artist Pavel Núñez arrives from Santo Domingo with his concert “Cantor Urbano”. And on Friday, August 7, the people from Bonao will appreciate the beautiful songs of singer and songwriter Víctor Víctor.

And the grand finale of the event will come on Saturday, August 8, when Cuban singer Pablo Milanes offers a concert together with fellow composer and Minister of Culture José Antonio Rodríguez.

Admissions to the concerts are free and they will take place in the surrounding areas of La Voz del Yuna, located on the Calle 16 de Agosto, Esq. Luperón, in Bonao, in the Monseñor Nouel province.

The details were provided by the Minister of Culture, singer and songwriter José Antonio Rodríguez and the Senator for the Monseñor Nouel province, Félix Nova, during a press conference that took place recently at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture.

In his brief speech, Rodríguez praised Nova’s initiative to restore “La Voz del Yuna”, a station that marked the beginning of radio in the Dominican Republic.

The Minister of Culture said that this initiative highlights the cultural contribution of an entire province and a region, which is the reason why it has the support of the Ministry of Culture.

He recalled that during his administration a number of initiatives of this kind throughout the country have received support, based on a program to decentralize the State investment in the culture sector, through which some 300 cultural projects at the national level have been sponsored.

In that sense, lawmaker Nova, who is the Chairman of the Ecotourism Development Council, reported that, as part of the project, a big museum, called Sala del Recuerdo (Hall of Remembrance), will be opened. It will include 50 seats and the first digital radio with AM frequency with three kilos of power, and the first in the country with a purely cultural programming.

He detailed the work performed by the radio station since August 1, 1942, noting that it was in operation until October 17, 1946, when it was relocated to the city of Santo Domingo, and then, in 1990, it disappeared. In addition, on that same day, the province’s Ecotourism Development Plan, which has been highly anticipated by the various sectors, will be launched, said Nova.

He explained that the building where the old radio station used to be and which is an exact replica of the radio station that started operations during dictator Rafael Trujillo Molina’s era and which was managed by José Arismendi Trujillo (Petán), will open after the great efforts made by the various sectors of Bonao.

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