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Second Edition of “Querida Martha” Coming Soon

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Second Edition of “Querida Martha” Coming Soon
Santo Domingo, July 6, 2015

The second edition of “Querida Martha” (Dear Martha) will be out on Tuesday July 28th and available at the Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center in Santiago. In this expanded edition, psychotherapist and educator, Martha Beato, includes new letters in addition to the 150 that make up the first edition.

Ms. Beato has included letters on such current topics as video game addiction, online relationships, cancer management, labor relations, and personal relationships, among other things.

Another new feature of this edition is a prologue by Karina Rieke, Director General of the International Book Fair of Dominican Writers in New York. Ms. Rieke is also a mental health consultant, poet and essayist. “In Martha Beato’s book, there is a constant questioning of life and its vicissitudes to which she responds from an objective perspective.”

“Her book represents universal themes and responses that are void of gender or social references or differences, and whose sole intention is to make men and women look each other in the eye with tenderness and, in the process, become better human beings despite their life’s pains and frustrations,” writes Ms. Rieke.

Martha Beato said, “there has been a lot of interest in reading this book, the first edition of which was sold out. So we decided to do a second, more expanded edition with seven cases that reflect current situations and end with an endearing letter from my sister Lourdes de Mena, which I wanted to share with my readers.”

After launching the book last August 2014, Ms. Beato gave a series of conferences with the same name as the book and made a TV show that will air in the coming months.

The letters in “Querida Martha” were written by readers of Listín Diario newspaper in the Dominican Republic and El Universo de Ecuador, of Ecuador, in the “Psychology Column.” As a result, the column became a guide for people who were unable or afraid to visit a psychologist.

The different situations in the book are familiar to most everyone and the recommendations offered can be useful not just for the person who wrote the letter, but to those in similar situations, helping them find realistic solutions in their pursuit of well-being.

In “Querida Martha,” the professional of human behavior spontaneously shares the experiences she has accumulated throughout her 30-plus years as a counselor

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