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Culture Ministry Launches Salvémonos! Musical Project at the Gran Theater in Cibao

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Culture Ministry Launches Salvémonos! Musical Project at the Gran Theater in Cibao
Santo Domingo, Jun 22 2015

In the lobby of the Gran Theater Hotel in Cibao, Dominican Minister of Culture, José Antonio Rodríguez, presided over a presentation ceremony for the launch of the musical project Salvémonos! (Save Ourselves), shown to the public in a video that contained ten musical messages of salvation devoted to the Virgin Mary. Minister Rodríguez traveled to Cibao with his wife Mónica Despradel and was also joined at the guest table by Jochy Sánchez, Regional Director of Culture; Archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Freddy Bretón Martínez; Monsignor Nicanor Peña, president of the Dominican Episcopal Conference; and Delio Taveras, singer and manager of the project.

Others present included Monsignor Agripino Núñez Collado and Mrs. Aura Toribio, Governor of Santiago; Brenda Sánchez, director of the Gran Theater of Cibao and Carlos Salcedo, Cabinet Director of the Ministry of Culture. The CD contains the following songs: Con flores a María, Letanía, Dolorosa, Las Mercedes, La Altagracia, El Calvario, Cual será, Salve Regina, A la Virgen de Fátima, Inmaculada.

A brief message from the Culture Minister appears on the video, in which he confirms that singing to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, is a cultural event that has marked the development of the Dominican people.

The Minister noted that this unique way to praying has led people, ordinary citizens to express culture in their daily lives in the land where it originated, as they sing praises and gratitude from the depths of their souls.

Director Jochy Sánchez explained that although there had been ongoing work as well as a cherished dream for the past 30 years, he never thought to hear the expression of such simple values, nearly equal to the Virgin Mary.

Mr. Sánchez stressed that this video is a true national treasure. He thanked God, the Minister of Culture, Father James Reynes and all those who have supported the project, especially the priests and Christian communities, musicians and other talented people who contributed their part to make this initiative a reality. He said Salvémonos! is the first of its kind with ten songs and appropriate music that can be used in the church liturgy or to mark the divine mysteries while saying the rosary.

Soloists in the video are: Víctor Víctor, Delio Taveras, Patricia Pereyra, monseñor Vinicio Disla, Carolin Rodríguez, Bilma Olivence, Rubén Mirabal and Miguel Castillo.

Musical production, arrangement and programing was done by maestro Jochy Sánchez. Rafael Durán mixed and created the master tape for the songs and Delio Taveras developed the anthology. Upon the Culture Minister’s suggestion, everyone who attended the musical event was gives a CD when it was over.


Seated at the table of honor: Monsignor Freddy Bretón Martínez, Jochy Sánchez, José Antonio Rodríguez, Monsignor Nicanor Peña and Delio Taveras.

Jochy Sánchez and the Minister escorted by the Virgin.

Jochy Sánchez.

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