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Travesías Opens Photo Exhibition

Travesías Opens Photo Exhibition

Travesías Opens Photo Exhibition
Santo Domingo, 07 de Abril de 2015

A Francis Redman photographs exhibition of rural and Victorian houses opened in the terrace of the Travesías Restaurant, which will become a space for photography enthusiasts to exhibit landscapes, characters and other representative elements of our culture.

Francisco Lluberes and Inés Páez (Chef Tita) hosted the evening, where Redman, a photo enthusiast, showcased the charm of the doors and windows of our homes, some displaying the human element, thereby giving them a more realistic touch.

Every month, Travesías will select an amateur or professional photographer to exhibit their works, which will be sold to benefit a group of women in Yamasá who are cocoa producers. The latter are known as “Las Productivas” (The Productive Ones) for their strength and entrepreneurship.

Francis Redman has dedicated himself to capturing the charm that, at first glance, many of us do not perceive in the doors and windows of our Dominican Republic, which are colorful, age-old, traditional, colonial, worn, urban and rural, and all tell a story that is transmitted through the lens of the iPhone of this unique photographer.

His photos reflect our culture and traditions, thereby making our country known. A sample of these photos was selected to be part of the exhibition “Ventana del Caribe” (Window of the Caribbean) at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.

His unusual gallery has been posted on Instagram as @francisr99, through which it has become known among the local and international Instagramers, turning into a recognized member of leading accounts specializing in doors and windows.


Francis Redman, Inés Páez (chef Tita) y Francisco Lluberes.

Karina de Redman, Pedro Pérez y Ana Judith de Pérez

Carlos Quintana, Adelle Apólito y Emilio Rodríguez

Enmanuel Santos y Jennifer Abreu

Ricardo Vargas y Pedro Pagán

Muestra de Francis Redman en las paredes de Travesías

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