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Travesías During the Month of the Homeland

Travesías During the Month of the Homeland

Travesías During the Month of the Homeland
Santo Domingo, February 25th, 2015

The Dominican cuisine reflects the Spanish, Taíno and African influences that have had an effect on the social and cultural development of the country.

It features characteristics from a “Creole” cuisine, that is, of European origin but developed in America with African influences. Therefore, it is similar to that of the Latin-speaking countries surrounding the Caribbean Sea, although it presents slight variations in each region.

Even though every day we eat the traditional Creole food in our homes, in order to enjoy it and savor it in a different way, designed and developed to highlight the Dominican flavors at their finest, is well worth to go out to eat. Thus, the Travesías Restaurant showcases Dominican gourmet cuisine with signature dishes, it champions the consumption of local products and has created a four-course menu to celebrate the “Month of the Homeland”.

The Executive Chef, Inés Paez (Tita), explains that between Tuesday, February 24th and Sunday, March 1st, patrons can enjoy: arepitas made with cassava, a montaditos de arepitas made with cassava on a bed of avocado and chicken mousseline sauce and roasted peppers in the first course; artisanal sancocho of seven types of meat, one of the Dominican signature dishes, in the second course; fish with coconut and cassava gnocchis, a guatapaná with coconut sauce from Samaná, accompanied with green Guandules risotto, for the third course; and a dulce de leche made with curdled milk over a creamy vanilla mousse for the fourth course.

“We invite you to taste the flavors of the new Dominican cuisine, which is focused on the appreciation of local produce and the celebration of our culinary culture, as the cuisine of a country tells the story of a people. In this way we join the celebrations and the pride of being Dominican, offering our gastronomic specialties in this menu where we use the full range of vegetables and native plants, which brings not only great flavors but also high nutritional value to each dish.”

With this four-course menu, which will be served at lunch and dinner, Travesías patrons can pair it with the restaurant’s signature drinks to enjoy a “true journey across the island.”

The Travesías Restaurant is located on the first floor of Plaza Castilla, Ave. Abraham Lincoln corner with Lope de Vega.

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