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“Dominicana Gourmet” Get it now!

“Dominicana Gourmet” Get it now!

“Dominicana Gourmet” Get it now!
Santo Domingo, January 12, 2015

Dominicana Gourmet is a printed and online magazine belonging to the media group of Grupo Buen Vivir, who is led by renowned journalist Luisa Feliz. It is a bimonthly magazine that, for more than three years, has been a leader in the culinary sector and is intended exclusively for lovers of gourmet food and tourism.

This edition of Dominicana Gourmet consists of a variety of sections, including: an interview with distinguished restaurateur José Diez, the celebrity shown in our cover page; Breathtaking Markets: Mae Klong in Thailand; In the Kitchen: Delicious healthy recipes by Dominique Barkhausen, Holistic Health Coach; Gourmet Travel: Chez Moustache Restaurant of Bolivia; Foodies: Pala Pizza, the best pizza in Santo Domingo; Best of the Best: the best restaurants of prestigious hotels in the country; Travel Experts: land and sea vacations, visiting prestigious hotels and emblematic cruises; Our Pride: The Dominican Cacao, Gastronomic Technology, Black Garlic, its advantages and benefits; Top Snack: Quinoa Tortillas, among others.

The Dominicana Gourmet magazine is a reference for Chefs, students, tourists and anyone who loves good food. To learn more about this product you can log on to its website at, a digital site that has been accessed by over 20,000 people.

Luisa Feliz and her team are pleased to present the first edition of 2015 of this magnificent gastronomic magazine. Get it now! and dare to discover and enjoy the fascinating world of national and international cuisine.

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