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13th Dominican National Crafts Fair

13th Dominican National Crafts Fair

13th Dominican National Crafts Fair
Santo Domingo, December 08, 2014

The Ministry of Culture, in coordination with the Progressing with Solidarity (PROSOLI – Progresando con Solidaridad) program, of the Office of the Vice President of the Dominican Republic, announced the opening of the 2014 Dominican National Crafts Fair (FENART), in which over 225 artisans will participate.

The artisans will exhibit and sell their crafts from Thursday, December 11th to Sunday, December 14th, at a show that combines the best of the folk craft production. The fair will take place at the Ozama Fortress in Santo Domingo.

The details of the crafts fair were provided at a press conference led by the Minister of Culture, singer and songwriter José Antonio Rodríguez, and by PROSOLI’s Director General, Dr. Altagracia Suriel, on behalf of the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández. The press conference was held in the Enriquillo Sánchez PROSOLI of the Ministry of Culture.

Minister Rodríguez stated that this year the fair has new components, and that one of them is that 225 artisans will participate in the event. In addition, there will be a small illustration of what will be the permanent exhibition. This information is being provided hereinafter.

Rodríguez explained that this fair is aimed at local buyers because tourists visiting the colonial city have little time to shop, and that this is the reason why it is necessary to have a permanent space for crafts exhibition.

The Minister of Culture stressed that it is precisely during President Medina’s administration when the necessary support and facilities are being offered. As an example he mentioned the loans that the SMEs are offering to the artisans’ associations.

Joining the Minister of Culture at the head table were: Valentín Guerrero, Director of the National Arts Centre (CENADARTE); Federico Henríquez Gratereaux, Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage; Ana María Conde, Director General of the Museums; Luisa Castillo, Coordinator of the FENART; Miguel Pimentel from the General Directorate of Crafts Promotion and Development; and artisans Francisco Sánchez Robiu and Elvyn Victorino Aurich.

Valentín Guerrero stated that during the 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair there will be performances, various attractions and new products. People will also know that they have a place where to buy quality craft products at good prices.

This edition of FENART will be dedicated to the craftsmen of the Peravia province, where the classic wooden mortars and pestles, the traditional rocking chairs and the rag dolls are produced. All the folklore, cuisine, dances and the popular “chuineros” from Baní will be part of the attractions at the fair.

Luisa Castillo said that the provinces of Puerto Plata, El Seibo, Azua, Bonao, La Romana, Hato Mayor, Barahona, and Peravia, among others, will participate in this activity.

Vice President Cedeño de Fernández has shown her support for the development of national crafts through Manos Dominicanas (Dominican Hands), a trademark that identifies and brings together high quality products made by families who benefit from the Progressing with Solidarity program, after having received training from it.

¡Llévate a casa lo tuyo! (Take home what is yours!) is the slogan that identifies FENART 2014, which will share the stage with the celebration of the “Long Night of the Museums” that will take place throughout the entire historic center of Santo Domingo. Orchestras, workshops, conferences, ornaments and Christmas music will provide the joyous notes of the season.

The National Arts Centre (CENADARTE) and the Department of Crafts Fairs of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Events, is moving forward with the arrangements to ensure a festive, safe and fun environment for the entire family.

A multiparty team consisting of the Tourism Security Corps (POLITUR), the National Police (PN) and security personnel from the Ministry of Culture, is working to ensure that visitors can park their vehicles on the Las Damas street, at nearby parking lots and at large parking facilities available on the Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó street, very close to the Ozama Fortress of Santo Domingo, where the activity will take place. “This fair is one of the best options for buying Christmas gifts directly from the hands of the artisans who are part of the national cultural industry. It is an opportunity for you to take home a piece loaded with identity and beauty,” said the Minister of Culture José Antonio Rodríguez.

13th Dominican National Crafts Fair 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair 13th Dominican National Crafts Fair

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