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New York Premiere of Short Film “See You Soon” is Announced

New York Premiere of Short Film

New York Premiere of Short Film “See You Soon” is Announced
Santo Domingo, September 25, 2014

As part of the screening activities of the short film “See You Soon”, by Eddy Jiménez, the important premiere will be held on September 25th at Broadway Black Box Theater. The screening will be preceded by an enthusiastic formal presentation to the media and special guests.

The actor and producer informed that the short film “See You Soon” tells the story of Ryan, a young man who at the age of 18 visits his native country for the first time. He is emotionally impacted by the visit, and one day before his departure a change of plans complicates his trip.

The short film “See You Soon” features Eddy Jiménez in the role of a young man who discovers the power of romantic love in an unusual way, the feeling is interwoven with his unknown roots. Along comes Pilar, with whom he embarks on an adventure to try to say goodbye to the land of his birth, the Dominican Republic.

Eddy Jiménez understands the influence of short films in the United States, screening it in more than 500 festivals, starting with the premiere at the Broadway Black Box Theater. The actor aspires to obtain the best short film award in Spanglish.

Short Film by Jensson Cruz. “See You Soon”, starring actress Peddy García along with Eddy Jiménez. Among the cast members are: Reynaldo Sánchez, Nelson Restituyo, and Armando Cabrera.

See You Soon is a brief history of love with a beautiful message “Nothing is impossible”. This short film is 11:04 minutes long, and it has been shot in the Monsignor Nouel (Bonao) province. The work focuses on the hope that nothing is impossible.

Young actor and producer Eddy Jiménez has said that this work is intended to contribute to the Dominican filmmaking. He intends to remain active and able to shape other scheduled projects, and to keep the production movement dynamic and as a working tool in the industry.

Eddy Jiménez hopes that the public will continue to evaluate the characteristics of the film, after the screening that will take place at the Broadway Black Box Theater, which is located at 4111 Broadway, 2nd floor, between 173rd and 174th Streets, in New York.

Anuncian Premier en New York del cortometraje See You Soon

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