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Dominican Government Reinitiates Asphalting Plan


Dominican Government Reinitiates Asphalting Plan

This week the Dominican government, through the Secretary of State for Public Works and Communications, has reinitiated its National Asphalting Plan. The plan will undertake to repair the main avenues, streets and highways in all neighborhoods and sectors throughout the country, according to a press communiqué released by the President’s Office of Information, Press and Publicity.

Engineer and Secretary of Public Works, Víctor Díaz Rúa, said the work at this stage will begin in the provinces of Sánchez Ramírez, Hato Mayor, La Vega, La Romana, Puerto Plata, Santiago and Duarte, among others. 

Work is also underway in the sectors of Villa Juana, Villas Agrícolas and Luperón and Jacobo Majluta Avenues. Asphalting has already been concluded in the neighborhoods of Simonico, Las Enfermeras and Los Tres Ojos, in eastern Santo Domingo.

Mr. Díaz Rúa added that asphalting and repairing of sidewalks and roads in Ceinfuegos and surrounding towns will begin soon.

“President Leonel Fernández authorized the expansion of the National Asphalting Plan after the storm. As you all know, Hurricane Noel destroyed many streets and the number one enemy of asphalt is water damage,” Mr. Díaz Rúa said as he inspected the projects in progress in the capital.

Díaz Rúa referred to last Sunday’s arrival of a Venezuelan cargo ship carrying a quarter of a million gallons of AC-30, the main component used in the production of a material used in asphalting. He added that on some of the high volume roads, potholes will be filled and roads will be asphalted at night in order to avoid chaos and traffic problems.


 Date of Publication: December 5, 2007

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