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The “Dr. Héctor Mateo” Award for Excellence in Cardiology Has Been Announced


The “Dr. Héctor Mateo” Award for Excellence in Cardiology Has Been Announced
Santo Domingo,March 1, 2014

The Dominican Cardiology Foundation and the Circle of Alumni of the Dominican Institute of Cardiology (CEIDOCA – Círculo de Egresados del Instituto Dominicano de Cardiología) invited the medical cardiology community of the Dominican Republic to participate in the “Dr. Héctor Esperanza Mateo Martínez Award for Excellence in Cardiology “.

The announcement was made by the President of CEIDOCA, Dr. Pura Henríquez, who noted that the award is intended to reward a medical group, health care professional or institution (university, hospital or clinic), that carries out and submits an original research project, which in essence will contribute in a relevant manner to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the Dominican Republic.

She said that the winner will receive the only available prize, which is worth RD$500,000 pesos, a diploma and a commemorative medal. The award will be delivered by the Dominican Cardiology Foundation and CEIDOCA during the month of February, in the context of the Cena Annual del Corazón.

Offering additional details she said that the award, whose main objective is to motivate academic and scientific research, will be open exclusively to national groups or organizations, which will be free to select the subject of their work and must carry it out in its entirety on Dominican soil.

Furthermore, they can present their research on clinical or surgical issues, or on experimentation, epidemiology and prevention, all strictly related to cardiology.

She said that the research findings should not be over two years old and that contestants must not be affiliated to companies dealing with pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

Cardiologist Pura Henríquez explained that the winner of the award will be selected by five jurors who are renowned professionals with solid trajectories in the fields of cardiology and research. The people who will evaluate the participants will be designated by the Dominican Cardiology Foundation, CEIDOCA and the President of the Dominican Society of Cardiology.

The participating projects must be endorsed by the National Bioethics Committee and shall be submitted to the jury, in writing and in electronic format, in Spanish, by December 31st of each year.
Meanwhile, Dr. Héctor Mateo thanked the organizers for the distinction and encouraged cardiologists to participate, so that their research can provide this branch of medicine with the tools it needs to ensure the health of a greater number of Dominicans.

Doctor Víctor Manuel Tejada attended the event on behalf of the Dominican Cardiology Foundation and Doctor Andrés Abreu on behalf of CEIDOCA.



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