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Medrano Group Presents Details of the 2014 La Vega Carnival

Medrano Group Presents Details of the 2014 La Vega Carnival

Medrano Group Presents Details of the 2014 La Vega Carnival
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, January 27, 2014

The Medrano Group, the support Committee of the La Vega Carnival, and the Mayor’s Office of La Vega, provided details of the innovations to be featured this year in the traditional and highly anticipated La Vega Carnival. The announcement took place at the Anacaona Hall of the Jaragua Hotel.

The head table comprised representatives of the companies that sponsor this event: Engineer Alexis Pérez, (Mayor of the city of La Vega), Engineer Euclides Sánchez (Provincial Senator), Dr. Andrés Rodríguez Céspedes (Provincial Governor), Mr. Manuel Angomás (Representative of Brahma Light), Mery Melo (Representative of Ron Barceló), Ms. Cándida Hernández (Representative of Red Rock), Ms. Claudia Escobar (Representative of Orange Dominicana), Ms. Leyla Alfonso (Representative of Induveca), Ms. Irlonka Tavarez (Representative of Alaver), Mr. Juan Ramón Gómez Díaz (President of Medios Telemicro).

The master of ceremonies, Michael Miguel Holguín, greeted those responsible for making this great event possible, the personalities in the cultural and social sector of the country, and those who are directly involved in the creation of the La Vega Carnival.

The main speech was delivered by Roberto Rodríguez, Director General of the Medrano Group, who highlighted “As we all know, the carnival is the most spectacular Dominican cultural tradition celebration, a party that unites all races and social classes, Dominican residents and foreigners alike, each Sunday in the month of February, and on the 27th they all converge on the same place of Cibao: the Cultured, Olympic, and Carnival city of La Vega.”

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Rodríguez said that this event starts with its formal launching and continues with the crowning of our Carnival Queen on the 18th, and of King Momo on Saturday, January 25th.

Mr. Rodríguez also announced the national and international artistic attractions to be presented this year.

The media of the Medrano Group: Channel 105, Super K, Radio La Vega, Radio Olímpica, and Microvision Canal 10, will broadcast the special programming of the carnival that brings who we are to Dominican households, with the support of the remaining 14 stations of the Medrano Group, scattered throughout the country, together with Digital 15 and Telemicro International and through the web page He also highlighted the positive economic and cultural impact of the carnival on the country, an event organized each year that convokes around one million people, and that receives extensive television and radio coverage at the national and international level. He took advantage of the occasion to thank for the support received from the following sponsoring companies: Dominican National Brewery (Cervecería Nacional Dominicana), with its brands Brahma Light, Ron Barceló and Red Rock, Orange Dominicana, Induveca and Alaver, which have been part of this traditional event in recent years.

In turn, the Mayor of La Vega, Engineer Alexis Pérez, addressed the participants communicating his enthusiasm to the audience and inviting them to enjoy every Sunday and the 27th of February, what is part of our traditions and one of the most beautiful and colorful festivities of the Dominican Republic, La Vega Carnival.

Medrano Group Presents Details of the 2014 La Vega Carnival

Medrano Group Presents Details of the 2014 La Vega Carnival

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