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Spain’s Cultural Center presents 24×365 design exhibition

Spain's Cultural Center presents 24x365 design exhibition

Spain’s Cultural Center presents 24×365 design exhibition
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 07/04/2013

S pain’s Cultural Center in Santo Domingo presents a comprehensive and meticulous selection of a series of works revolving around design, which addresses various aspects of modern graphic design. The designs were created by all the autonomous Spanish regions.

“No one should consider design as an aesthetic exercise which forgets its ability to convey messages to society. Graphic design, among its many assets, offers a service to the community where it immerses itself to provide information and facilitate the relationship of the people with their different administrations or the use of the various services that are available. It is also a communication tool for people who are not accustomed to reading visual messages, given that they are not based on the written or spoken word.”

The objective of this exhibition is to show the impact that graphic design has on society, by presenting projects that have introduced a substantial change in the quality of people’s lives. It showcases current works with a heavy content of ‘social or public communication’ that have been created throughout the autonomous Spanish regions, ranging from the graphic representation of host or cultural centers or the design of a campaigns to prevent occupational hazards, to the signaling in hospitals and urban areas, going through the mapping of a public transportation network.

24×365 finds its raison d’être in the fact that graphic design in social communication runs permanently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in a silent but effective way thanks to the work and the solutions provided by professional designers in their attempt to facilitating social communication through their proposals.

The exhibition can be visited at the Cultural Center until August 11, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Admission is absolutely free of charge.

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