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Dominican Artist at the 33rd Caribbean Festival in Cuba.

Dominican Artist at the 33<sup>rd</sup> Caribbean Festival in 
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Dominican Artist at the 33rd Caribbean Festival in Cuba.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 06/30/13

D  ominican visual artist, Khilsys García, is representing the Dominican Republic at the 33rd Caribbean Festival, in Santiago de Cuba, along with a collective of artists from various countries. The opening of the festival, which this year is dedicated to Colombia, will be held at the Teatro Heredia in Santiago de Cuba, while the collective of artists will be exhibited at the Galería Oriente in this city’s downtown area.

The artist recently was in the city of Havana, invited by the Dominican Embassy in Cuba, presenting her solo exhibition “Abstracción Poética (Poetic Abstraction),” 12 abstract works linked to the subjectivity of poetry. The exhibition was held from May 2 to 10 in the main hall of La Casa del Alba Cultural, a Square of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which promotes the Latin American and Caribbean cultures through their historical values, their artistic endeavors and, in general, their cultural events in each country.

The artist, a native of La Vega, will travel to Venezuela on July 17 to represent our country as the guest of honor at the “2nd Congress of Writers and Visual Artists,” which will take place in the city of Táchira.

Khilsys Francina García Galán was born in the city of La Vega, Dominican Republic. A self-taught visual artist and poet, she tirelessly develops her creative skills; she also addresses other genres such as architecture, sculpture, photography and social communication.

In 2011, she began creating what she calls her personal abstractions, which do not intend to represent concrete things, but rather to exclusively consider the elements of shape, color and proportion in their multiple combinations and proposals.

As a young visual artist, she has stood out by participating in National and International Art Collectives. In July of 2012 she represented the Dominican Republic in Santiago de Cuba at the 32nd Caribbean Festival, elevating her country’s values ??through her canvas “Trazos del Caribe (Caribbean Strokes)” and securing the media’s high regards for the Dominican Republic.

In November of 2012 she received the Dominican Youth National Award for “Cultural Development.” This award is given to young people who are considered for their efforts, dedication and commitment to the best causes in the country.

She has received other prestigious awards and honorable mentions in the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

As a visual artist, García will represent the Dominican Republic in 2013 at the 2nd Congress of Visual Artists and Writers in Táchira, Venezuela.

She is a member of the International Art Foundation (FIARTE for its acronym in Spanish), an institution that is dedicated to promote youth growth in the visual arts in the Dominican Republic. It is based on values ??that encourage cultural education and work that guarantee sustainable development, thereby contributing to the common good of our society.

Khilsys García

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