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Presentation of Independent Graphics Book 2000-2010

Presentan libro Gráfico Independiente (GID) 2000-2010

Presentation of Independent Graphics Book 2000-2010
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 06/19/13

C   apital DBG, under its in-house publisher Capital Books and the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo (CCESD) is honored to invite you to the launch of the book Independent Dominican Graphics (GID) to be held on Thursday 20 June at 7:00 pm in the CCESD, on Calle Arz. Merino no. 2, Zona Colonial.

This will continue the inauguration of the Graphics Collection series by Capital Books, which last year launched its Narrative Collection and later this year its Photographic Collection.

The publication is the culmination of the Independent Dominican Graphics display held at the Cultural Center of Spain in January 2011, which presented works made between 2000 and 2010 by groups and individual within the circle of independent graphics designers in Santo Domingo.

Both projects were prepared and curated by Rossy Ramos, Angel Rosario and Maurice Sanchez, these last the current Creative Directors of Capital DBG.

With an historical structure, the book starts with the beginning of the graphics movement with text written by Sara Hermann “From Cousin concho to Juan Pablo Duarte and not vice-versa: Historical notes on the independent production of graphics content” and continues with experiential and in some ways autobiographical texts written by Camilo Venegas “The country which entered me through the eyes”, Ivory Nunez “Notes to remember certain pods” and Maja Horn “Dominican Independent Graphics: New critical approaches.” From a starting point of documentation, and to propel new discussion and projects that legitimize an important era in the independent graphics imagery in Santo Domingo, the GID book draws on events and places that served as a platform for a group of young people with activist concerns and sensitivities in an era marked by dramatic changes in politics, as well as contemporary debates about what “Dominicanidad” (Dominicality) means as well as the “Y2K” effect in the late 90’s.

We have included works that were made in media as diverse as posters, magazines, stickers, flyers, T-shirts, videos, and installations.

Included in the book are Alejandro Capellán, Ana Díaz (Ana Banana), Carmen Deñó, Christian E. Pimentel Peña, Collective 7, Collective Shampoo, Eduardo Suárez (DCO), Elena Fernández, Engel Leonardo, Héctor Rodriguez, Jaime Guerra, José Cruz (Surfito), Juango Dávalos, Kakaito, La Sedería, La Vaina, Mario Dávalos, Modafoca, Omar Carrera Knebel, Osmany Rodríguez, Patín Bigote, Quisqueya Park, Revista Lengua (Language magazine), Tingola, Yatabueno, among others.

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