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Dominicans…Register then Get Out and Vote!

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Dominicans…Register then Get Out and Vote!


escudoLos Angeles, California – The General Consulate of the Dominican Republic in California and the Western Regions of the United States has the great honor to announce that, for the first time in history, we have made a dream come true.  As a result of arduous efforts made by our Consulate we are proud to release the following information:  According to Act 119, on August 15th of this year, the Administrative Chamber of the Central Electoral Committee of the Dominican Republic approved the installation of a Fixed Operative in California.

This remarkable and historic achievement guarantees that our Dominican citizens, residents of the West Coast of the United States, can finally shed their anonymity and exercise their civic right to have a voice and to express it with their vote. They can now become fully integrated into the national political scene of our country.  As we all know and understand, even though members of our community do not physically live in our country, they are present in spirit, concerned about daily events and long to be part of building a better nation for all Dominicans.

Effective immediately, Dominican citizens, residents of this region can petition their identity card and register to vote in the national elections, regardless of party affiliation. The three major political parties in the Dominican Republic (PLD, PRD and the PRSC) have chosen their delegates and alternates thus fulfilling all requirements for impartiality and transparency. The Fixed Operative will also act as a Mobil Operative with staff that will travel to different US states and cities, under the jurisdiction of the California Consulate, in order to register Dominican residents abroad.

Let us all unite in the joy and satisfaction of this magnificent achievement. Let us spread the word among all the Dominicans we know as we all play an active part in the advances and development of our beloved Quisqueya. For more information please contact us at (818) 504-6605 or (818) 504-6602 or send us an email at

Finally, Dominicans on the West Coast Count!

Dominicans:  Register to Vote!  Let your voices be heard and take part in the destiny of our beloved Quisqueya, just like the Dominicans in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Miami and Spain!
Although we´re far away, we´re part of the democratic process of our country.
Let our voices be heard for the well being and development of our people.
Let us be part in this achievement and not allow our right to vote, won through hard work, to go to waste.

Deadline to register:  December 16, 2007  

Hurry! There is not much time  

To get your Digital ID card:

  1. Fill out the attached application
  2. Make a copy of your Birth Certificate (or find out the book and registration number)
  3. Send the information by FAX to:   (818) 504-6617

Those who already have their Digital ID cards:

  1. Call the Consulate to solicit a residents registration application: (818) 504-6605 (818) 504-6602
  2. After filling out the application, send the original to the Consulate via certified mail with a copy of your Voter ID Card

Let´s show everyone, with a huge turnout, that there are lots of us and that we must be taken into account!
OUR GOAL:   5,000 Dominicans registered to vote on the West Coast

Let´s All Be Spokespeople! We propose that each one of us take it upon ourselves to go out and register at least five other Dominicans. Let´s get out and register our family, our friends and relatives.

Call the Consulate to get your registration application or visit our website at:


Date of Publication: September 26, 2007

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